Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shameless Self(?)-Promotion

Hey everyone! Happy Spring! Thank you for all of your great feedback on the last post! Have you all been busy adding your designs to the Project Run&Play flickr pool? I'm still looking for a couple more designers for the next round so it might be a good idea... ;)

So, as you saw in the title, I'm about to do some shameless self-promotion. But there's a question mark because it's not so much myself that I'm promoting but some wonderful friends of mine. Their names are Steve and Alesha, and they and their four kids are preparing a long journey towards becoming full-time missionaries to Africa. (if you're interested in reading more about what they're doing, you should check out their Facebook page, Spend Yourselves for the Hungry)

As you can probably imagine, this requires lots of fund-raising on their part. Which is where the promotion comes in. :) I have made a mini clothing "line" that I will be selling to help support them. All proceeds will be going directly to them- I will not be making anything off of this. I want to offer these to the blog readers and friends and family on Facebook before listing any on etsy (and incurring seller's fees which will cut into how much I can write a check to Steve and Alesha for). Hoodies will be $20 and dresses will be $25- this price includes shipping. I have posted the full "line" in the flickr group pool, but here's a preview of some of my favorites.

Also- proof that I do in fact have a son. :) And doesn't he look like such the male model? 

You can email me at micalah.thayer (at) gmail (dot) com to claim an item and work out purchase/shipping info. The first five purchases will get a free bowtie or hair accessory included!

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  1. Hi! There seem to be many contributors to the Flikr pool. Which dresses are you selling? Thanks! (Sorry if the answer to this question is obvious.)

  2. Just added some pictures to the flickr pool! Hope I get a shot to be the next Project Run and Play winner!!!