Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Runway---Who's your choice?

For me the finale of Project Runway starts in about 15 minutes...

I totally want Austin Scarlett to win.  I know---he's fruity and over the top but I just can't help but love him.  In fact, I would totally love to go shopping with him (somewhere ridiculously over priced where we could buy anything we want and not have to spend our own money) and have him help me choose something "fabulous".
(Come on---you know that would be fun.)

Anyways---the show is starting soon.  I've got to go find my chips and salsa.  But I just went over HERE and saw that they have a lot of short 3 minute clips to watch about the episode and the designers but I can't watch any of them until the finale is over--I don't want to spoil the ending!

PS---My mom called me the other night and told me to watch a new show called Fashion Star.  I only saw part of it.  Has anyone else watched it?  If so how does it compare?

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  1. i totally want austin to win as well. mondo is great but i just like austin a bit more. and michael as much as i love his stuff more for myself i dont think he is as innovative as the other two.

    oh yes, i like fashion star, but not as much as project runway. i also like 24 hour catwalk. its on lifetime too.

  2. I watched last night and was so happy Mondo won. That one black and white dress seemed very Alexander McQueen to me. Loved it!

  3. oh man! thats too bad. i just watched it, i couldnt wait till naptime:) well i liked them all, but just like austin better and that last dress of his...i wanna get married again:)

  4. Austin's wedding dress was to die for! ~Stephanie

  5. I love Mondo... and thought he totally got robbed last year. I'm so glad he won!
    I love austin, too, but sometimes he makes the ugliest stuff... I think he's so inconsistent although I adore his personality and that wedding dress!!!! awesome. I really liked his lace dress, too.

    I want to love Fashion star and I've been recording it... but it seems to commercial to really fall in love with it.