Friday, May 25, 2012

Three Things

Actually we have a lot more than three things to tell you (especially about Skirting the Issue) but we are still working out just a few more really cool things and want to wait before spilling anymore news.  As for now here are the three things we want you to know:

#1.  We haven't gone away---we are just taking a long Memorial Day vacation.  We will be back here with new posts (and news) on Monday, June 4th.

#2.  Starting June 4th we are having our month long Flicker friends party so watch for some of your favorite ladies from our sew along group posting tutorials each and every weekday in the month of June.  (I'm totally looking forward to seeing what these ladies make!) 

#3.  Our Skirting the Issue Event will be officially starting on Monday, July 2nd....and it's going to be awesome!!!  Not only will it be running all month long over here on Project Run and Play but will be going on over at Simple Simon and Company for the entire month as well.    

And what will it involve?  Well, there will be over 40 bloggers sharing skirt making tips and tutorials as well as a sew along flicker group, an information page with places to share where to donate to foster girls in your local area, information about foster care, personal stories, and some wonderful giveaways.  Really, this is going to be so great.  We can't wait to get started...but we have to wait before sharing anymore info....(Argh!!!!  I hate waiting!!!  I want to get going NOW.)

Ok, that is where I need to end...before I just keep telling you everything I know...
(Which reminds me the lovely and talented Shannon is working on a button for Skirting the Issue!  Yippee!  We'll share that with you when we get it!)

Ok...really, I'm stopping...I'm going...but I'm going to keep thinking about skirts...and how much I hope you all sew along with us....

Until June 4th, be safe and have a glorious Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. How exciting! BUT I'm having my baby at the beginning of July so I think I'll be missing out on the skirt fun!

  2. I didn't get to respond when I first read the post about Skirting the Issue, but I am SO excited about this! I will definitely help however I can here in SC and we are currently adopting 1 - 2 children through DSS in our state, so if I need to talk to my social worker about South Carolina or find out more information for you, please let me know! This is something really close to my heart (and mission of my blog!)