Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flickr Friends: Vanessa from Designs by Sessa

Today we have Vanessa from Designs by Sessa joining the November fun.  Thanks Vanessa!
Hi everyone! Wow, I'm so excited to be back at Project Run & Play to do a second guest post! What an honor! Thank you, Liz & Elizabeth for having me! I really enjoyed sewing along as much as life would allow this last season! I made some amazing blog friends through it, as well, which is totally worth it! Here's what I got accomplished for PR&P this season:
The top right photo of my niece wearing my ruffle neck cowl, O + S Sailboat Skirt and Toddler jeggings made by me didn't quite make it into the flickr pool on time, but this encompasses my girl signature look, for sure. We are currently adopting a baby, so life is UPSIDE down trying to get ready and after receiving our approval letter, I totally trickled off my sewing and went to revamping their new bedroom! Forgive me! As you can tell, I mostly design and sew for my son, Cai. I am inspired by making simple, comfortable clothing, with simple modern details. This season I learned how to die fabric, hand embroider some James Dean inspired glasses on a down sized v-neck, refashioned a men's henley into a hoodie henley with pockets, and made a stuffed marshmellow vest! It was awesome! Today, I want to share more about my Henley refashion from men's henley to boy henley hoodie with pockets.
I made this henley to match my last PR&P guest post, my baggies. Down sizing clothing is one of my favorite things to do for my son! It's so easy to take a huge "husbandy" shirt and in under 30 minutes make a boy shirt. I seriously giggle at seeing how shrunk down the shirt gets! Oh, I know I'm not the only one! ha!
For any down-sizing project, you really need a GOOD basic pattern block. My absolute favorite is the Blank Slate Basics Vintage V-neck. I've used this on multiple projects, and I keep thinking Melissa is going to make me give her gift back, because I would have gotten my money's worth out of it, for sure! Thank you, Thanks, Thanks! Using your basic t-shirt block (or a current t-shirt that fits), position it so that you maintain the current button placket. I thought it might look odd keeping the whole placket, but it really doesn't on a toddler. Win-win for us!
Use chalk to trace out your shape and flip to the other side. Trace the opposite side out and cut. Repeat using the back pattern piece making sure to position your back block piece as high up on the shoulders as you can, unlike the front piece.
With right sides together sew your shoulder seams together. Since this is a jersey shirt, I use a ball point needle and a longer stitch length (4.0 - 5.0) in my seams. I often use the Triple Stretch Stitch function on my machine if sewing areas with lots of stretch (like crotches of pants).
Next, cut out your sleeves maintaining the bottom wrist hem of your original shirt. If just using a current shirt that fits, lay your shirt slightly up the sleeve to take into account seam allowances. Trace with chalk and cut. Pin right sides together to the arm seams.
Now, pin and sew from the wrist to the armpit, and then from the armpit to the waist.
Finish your bottom hem if desired or leave raw, and you've just created an adorable boy shirt in under 30 minutes!
Of course, I had to make this even cuter by adding pockets. Very necessary for busy boys who need places for rocks!
Shame on me, but I really didn't take good photos of creating this hoodie pocket. I just winged it when cutting out a trapezoid shape, and made my own jean bias tape. Sewed that on the open sides, and tucked the top and bottom seams under 1/4'' and sewed them down. It was so easy!
Oh, and the hoodie hood is actually no longer on this henley. Cai hated it and kept saying it 'itched', so I just seam ripped it off. I know, sad day. It was cute. But, I'd rather have him wear something than NOT wear something I've made and, at least I have pictures to enjoy! I'd love to have you come stop by my little blog and say hi! It's been a pleasure to be here again! Thanks again and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. So thankful to be here today! Thanks for all!

  2. love the pocket and the jean biased tape!

  3. Yeay Vanessa! Super cute combo!!!

  4. cute!
    now on the search for a thrifted henley that I can up cycle...still intimated by just making the placket myself!