Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Bubble Shirt by Figgy's Patterns

Thank you so much SS for inviting me to guest post today!!! I hope you enjoy my little tutorial! After reading this post jump over to the Figgy's Patterns blog for a chance to win a stack of Art Gallery Fat Quarters!
Creating a tunic, dress, skirt or blouse and turning it into a fun bubbled creation is not only easy but your little one will love the result. In February I created a bubble shirt using the Figgy’s Ethereal pattern and today I’m sharing the technique I used to create it. What I love about this technique is you can use it with just about pattern whether it has a separate bodice or it’s a whole piece.
The first thing you’ll do is lengthen the pattern piece by 2” and cut 2 (one for the main & one for the lining). The Ethereal pattern it has a front and back bodice/lining and a cut 2 of the bottom panel. I choose to create a blouse so I added 2” at the “shorten or lengthen here” line stated on the pattern.

If you have a separate Bodice piece go ahead and follow the instruction to create the bodice and sew the side seams then set aside.
Sew the side seams of the lining and main bottom panels and press the seam open.
Place the two panels rights sides together, align the side seam and baste stitch around the bottom hem using ½” seam allowance.
Using the following chart cut the amount needed of ¼” elastic for the garment.
18 mo - 28”
2/3 yr - 29”
4/5 yr - 32”
6/7 yr - 34”
8/9 yr - 36”
Overlap the end of the elastic to form a loop and stitch the elastic together using a zig zag stitch. Be sure not to twist the elastic. Fold the elastic loop in half and mark using chalk, fabric pen or pins at the folds at either end. Refold the elastic, matching the two marks you made. Then mark the elastic at the refolded edges.
Pin the elastic to the seam allowances on the bottom of the lining side of the bottom panel. Match the marks on the elastic to the side seams, the center of the back and the center of front hem. You can find the center of the front and back by pressing the panels in half.
Set the machine stitch to a wide zig zag stitch and prepare to sew by lowing the needle down into the elastic first. Pull the skirt hem so the elastic stretches to meet the length of the skirt hem. Do not pull out the pins until to reach the pin so the elastic is stretched equally around the bottom hem.
Pull the main and lining panel out and place wrong sides together.
Create gathers by sewing a baste stitch 3/8” from the top edge. A baste stitch is simply a straight stitch lengthened to the longest stitch setting. Sew a line 2” from each side seam on the front and the back. Holding onto the bobbin thread gently slide the fabric to gather.
Attach the bodice to the bottom panel right sides together and be sure that the bodice and the bottom panel side seams align. Pin together, stitch and finish the seam allowance using a zig zag stitch, pinking shears or serger. Finished!
Thank you again Simple Simon for letting me stop by!
Fabric By: Art Gallery

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  1. Suuuuper cute! WILL MAKE THIS FOR SURE!

  2. Lovely top! I am wondering if you can tell me what the fabric is in the very first photo please? I really love the pattern. Thank you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I don't recall the designer name but the fabric is by Bernatex: http://home.benartex.com/page/gallery.htm I'll see if I can find a selvage in my room :)

  4. Very cute. I love the bubble effect.