Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Designers: Where are they now? Melanie from The Crafty Cupboard

Hello there, Melanie here from the Crafty Cupboard. Has it really been 2 years since my stint on Project Run and Play? It seems like yesterday I was sewing through the night to get something done. Oh, wait- that was yesterday! Just not for PR&P ;) While a LOT has changed for me personally since I was a contestant, my love of sewing for my girls has only increased. Even more now, since last year I had yet another girl to add to our gaggle of giggly girls. Unfortunately, I was really, super duper, mega mega sick during this last pregnancy and my blog took back seat for a while, but things are picking up again now that the chaos is back to its usual roar. Now that my husband is out of school, my blog focus is strictly on sharing what I'm up to and what I'm inspired by. It has been refreshing for me to step away from the sponsored posts, ads, and concern over growing readership and to just be myself! Calligraphy Tags
While I was sick in bed, I decided to expand my creative horizons and have spent a lot of my down time learning things like bits of graphic design and calligraphy, and I am currently learning pattern grading so that my little sewing projects can benefit more people in more sizes. I have a lot of printable projects on my blog now along with the regular sewing tutorials and project recaps, and I have plans to expand my digital designing even more. I'd go back to college tomorrow to re-major in Graphic Design if I had the opportunity! It is definitely on the bucket list. This past year has been one giant growth spurt for me in the creative realm, and I've been having a wonderful time! Teacher Gift Idea Printable Gum Packaging I'm still sewing up a storm, and have mostly been working on quilts lately. I have a few out at the quilter's right now, and it feels good to be back in the quilting saddle again! Solid Carpenter Star Quilt I have always been grateful for my chance to be on Project Run and Play, and I am always looking forward to new seasons! I am just floored by the talent out there in the blogosphere. I'm excited to challenge you to my own contest too- I can't wait to share what tutorial I'm going to have you try!  

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