Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Designers: Where are they now? Frances Suzanne

Hi everyone! We are thrilled to be back over on Project Run and Play for the month of August! It seems like Season 8 happened just yesterday . . . but since we left you with the announcement of another "baby {NIECE} on the way" to sew for, and have since celebrated her 1st birthday . . . well, it has been longer than we realize! Nieces2 As for what we've been up to: We feel as if we are the "dark horse" of the featured "designers" {or at least the "wild card"}. The summation: sew - seam rip - sew - seam rip - sew - sew - photograph - blog. Rinse, and repeat :). And, if you don't believe us, our niece dramatically asked us last week to "UNSEW" a piece that didn't quite fit her. Sewing for our nieces keeps us busy, busy, busy. That's it. That's what we do! Nieces1 "What we're doing now" {literally speaking}: Our sister has convinced us to sew the girls' backpacks for preschool. So, we are muddling our way through zippers, batting, and interfacing while still attempting to complete a final Easter dress for the eldest niece. TRUE STORY! And, if any of you want to offer any words of wisdom on "backpack sewing," we will gladly take it! "What we're doing now" {generally speaking}: We are still enjoying blogging at Frances Suzanne {and can't believe it has been three years!} and creating unique garments for our nieces. For two of those years, we ran the contest "Flip this Pattern" {a spin-off on "Flip this House", but with patterns}. Through that, we got to know many of you - designers, bloggers, and the sew-along community. Occasionally, we pattern test for designers but the turn-around time is difficult for us {note: "incomplete Easter dress" paragraph above}. PeekABoo2 This summer was full of "firsts" for us! We "taught" an embroidery class through our local Agriplex's "Heritage Skills" series. Then, we dappled in creating YouTube videos on smocking {sans our southern drawl}. That pretty well covers it! As for this month's challenge?? Well, we will leave it at this: 1. EVERYONE can participate. 2. NO EXCUSES! 3. We are EXCITED! IMG_8050 See you tomorrow!!

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