Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer Wardrobe inspiration from Winter Wear Designs

Hey all you PR&P readers, Suzanne here from Winter Wear Designs, and I am sharing a glimpse into my summer plans for Mack's wardrobe today.

The weather is changing and it is time once again to take stock of our kiddo's wardrobes for a new season.  If any one else has kids like mine, they are growing in constant leaps and bounds, and what fit just 9 months ago when the breeze turned cold and the leaves fell from the trees, no longer fits as the sun returns and flowers are coaxed from the ground.
So... it is time to sew!  Time for a new summer collection that will fill our sun filled days with bright colors, ease and maneuverability, and fashion of course!

First, I take stock of what I have and what I need:

  • Thank goodness we wont need many socks, the dryer has eaten them all once again. 
  •  I still have some underwear, but a few more pair would be good.
  • I need all new shorts and capris, but am set on leggings for now.
  • I have a few simple T shirts but many are stained, so more simple knit and woven tops, and I would like some longer tunic tops.
  • Sun dresses of course... and they will need shorts or bloomers underneath.
  • I have 2 swimsuits, but with swim lessons and summer pool passes, I think at least one or two more is in need.
  • PJ's - thank goodness for friends and their hand-me-downs.
  • A maxi or two - they aren't great for play, but they will work for church and are just so pretty.

Now it is time to plan.  As a designer, you may think that I only make my kids my own designs - and if you think that, then you are giving me WAY too much credit!!!  I do design based around my own style and what my kids need, but at the end of the day there are soooooo many talented women (and men) creating amazing patterns, and including them in my kiddo's wardrobes just makes their closets that much better!

Now it is only May, so don't think I've actually sewn up everything I want for this year but here is a good representation of what Mack's summer wardrobe will include once I am done:

 Jocole Basic Brief and MO's Comfy Fit Unders.  Why two different underwear patterns?  Well one has bands and one has elastic, which makes them work better with different types of knits... and why not?

Pull On Shorts, Stargazer Pleated Bubble Shorts, Racing Shorts, and Coachellas.  Each short has a different style and fits a different need....I've been waiting to make the coachellas, so I don't have any pictures of them yet, but I'm pretty excited!

T-Shirts and Tunics, Knit:
All the Bells and Whistles Knit Top & Dress, Boo Spandex Skater Peplum, and ..... I really need a good raglan - I know there are a bunch of them, so if anyone has a tried and true that they love, let me know!!!

Tops and Tunics, Woven:
Stargazer Pintuck Top, Bohemian Baby Doll Top, Clara Top, and Fleur.  Woven fabrics are great for the hotter temperatures of summer.  Whether you use a quilting cotton, a poplin, a double gauze, lawn, or swiss dot - these patterns will not fail!

Sun Dresses:
Hummingbird, Pristine Swing Dress, Solis Dress (this one is pretty new, so hasn't gotten sewn yet by me, but it looks like such fun!)


Maxi Dresses:
Annabelle Maxi (last year I shortened the dress when I made it, so I can't wait to make a full maxi version this year) and the Coquette Maxi.

And then of course there are all those patterns I don't even know about yet that designers are still working diligently on .....but this will at least give me a starting list, right!  My lists are never written in stone, but I find that by making a plan, even a loose general plan, I sew up things that I have been wanting to sew for a while without forgetting them in the sea of the new and exciting.

So here's to great sewing, awesome clothes for our kids, and a great summer!

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  1. My raglan rec- Grand Slam (multiple sleeve options, two fit options, and it includes a dress length as well) It's an oldie but goodie.