Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Interview with Sew Starly

Today we get to learn a little bit more about Starly!

   What are your favorite materials to sew with?
Apparel Fabrics - My absolute favorite is European Cotton Lycra but I also like wovens such as Denim, Flannel, Voile, Poplin, and Linen
    What level sewist would you consider yourself?
      What is the tool you cannot live without? 
 Stainless Thread Snips.
 I use them for clipping all of my threads, for notching, and clipping curves. They get more use than my regular scissors. 

 When do you sew?
I work away from home most days. My husband and I rotate nightime parenting duties (bath/bedtime). I usually sew one or two of my "off" nights. I also get a couple hours personal time each weekend morning and typically use at least one of those blocks for sewing. Anything else gets done in bits and pieces during found minutes.  
 Do you eat when you sew? And if so, what?
I never eat when I sew.
·      What is the thing/ fabric you are still afraid to sew?
Silky Lightweights - I have made a few attempts that went terribly wrong. I am sure there are tricks I need to learn and practice that needs to happen but for now if I want a lightweight silky button up or something I will just buy one. 

     Why do you sew?
I sew because there is no better way to express yourself through style. The ability to pick the shape you want and combine with the exact colors and pprints you want is pretty amazing. I also love to sew because it's good for my mental health. In my career I move from one problem to the next. There are no big projects to complete and no hands on work. It helps me to have a creative outlet where I can make a plan and execute. Finished projects are very satisfying.  
What is the best tip or trick you learned?
Taping patterns on a sliding glass door was a game changer for me. It reduced my average time to tape an adult pattern from about an hour to 10 minutes. 
 If you could sew just one thing over and over forever, what would it be?
Bimaa! I sew Bimaas every fall. they are fun to sew, easy, tons of options and turn out great every time. I get so excited when it starts cooling off and I can print a new Bimaa size for my daughter. I have made tons of them for gifts as well. 
 Who do you sew for?
I sew mostly for my 6 year old daughter and myself. I also sew for friends and extended family for birthdays and holidays.

Thank you so much for playing along, Starly! I love that all of our particpants show such restraint while sewing, and don't eat! Very practical. I know I cannot resist some good chocolate when I sew.
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