Friday, December 23, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things: liZ

It's liZ from over at Simple Simon and Company and today I am happy to be over here to talk about a few of my favorite things....and today I want to talk about a few of my favorite things that I never thought I would ever use, let alone consider them a favorite thing.

When I began sewing I had a newborn and so sewing time was limited.  So with that limited time I cut corners as much as possible.  Ironing...who needs it?  Pins...why put them in if I am only going to take them right back out?  And, directions...only suggestions (although, let's be honest I still feel like this).

However, excluding the directions, I soon realized that cutting corners often leads to less professional looking work so one item at a time I began using the tools that would soon become my best friends.

#1.  Pins:

I can't say I always use pins....but when I do....I use these with the colored tops so I don't run them over with my machine :)

Mostly I use pins when attaching collars and sleeves...and still don't use them more often than I need...but I do use them...and the children's garments thank me for it.

I can say that I use this all the time.
And I mean all the time!
Pressing fabric before cutting, pressing seams, pressing collars, finishing pressing...I love to press.
Pressing makes garments look amazing!

I used to think that fabric scissors didn't really matter or if they did I needed to buy a super expensive pair and then guard them with my life and have then have a mental breakdown if anyone touched them.
But...I was wrong on both accounts.  
These Kai Scissors cut through fabric like butter and cost less than $20.
I have three different pair and love each and every one of them.

Soooo...back in the day I didn't clip curves and wondered why they always looked so terrible...but then I discovered the pinking shear!
Not only do they make your curves look FANTASTIC they do it in a matter of seconds.
I use these Fiskar Pinking Shears.  I know there are a lot of other brands but these also cost less than $20 so when my daughter occasionally steals them for a paper cutting extravaganza I don't feel too badly about it.

And there you have it!
4 items that I never thought I would embrace but now LOVE!

As far as my favorite project from 2016 it would have to be this one:

Aside from sewing I love to quilt and so this project where I got to combine my two loves into one was one of my favorite projects of the year!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope all of your stockings are filled with fabric and notions!
And that concludes our Favorite things! I hope you found some new things to call favorite, too.

*Although affiliate links might not be one of your favorite things, a blog that pays for itself is one of our favorite things!  So we’ve included a few in this post.  If you click on one of them you will be supporting one of everyone's favorite things, Project Run & Play!*

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  1. if you trim a curved seam with pinking shears you don't need to clip the little clips into the seam allowance?! How have I not known this?!?!

  2. YES! That's right!!!! It was like a revelation to me when I found that out and I've only used pinking shears ever since!

  3. Gorgeous dress and quilt. How about telling us a bit more about it's construction? How would you make this dress differently for a pre-teen?
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give