This spot is where we get to share the prizes for Season 22!

This Season, not only are our designers located the UK, but many of our sponsors are located there too!  Today we get to introduce you to some of the amazingly generous sponsors for Season 22.

This Season we've added even more prizes for our designers!

This Season, all 6 of our designers have recieved a pre-Season shopping spree from Minerva Crafts to help offset the expense of sewing for Project Run & Play!

Our 1st place winner will be rewarded with:

 Cricut Maker and starter kit from Cricut ($600+ value)

2x2 meters of mind the MAKER fabric from MeterMeter ($132 approximate value)

$100 gift certificate from Simple Life Pattern Company

5 patterns ($80 value) from Oliver + S

8 patterns from Violette Field Threads ($72 approximate value)

3 patterns ($30 value) from Petit a Petit & family

3 patterns from Titchy Threads ($30 value)

Our 2nd place winner will be rewarded with:

Cricut EasyPress and mat kit from Cricut ($450+ value)

100 Euro gift certificate and magazine from Lillestoff ($125 value)

Sewing supplies from OLFA ($75 value)

$75 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop

$75 gift certificate from Simple Life Pattern Company 

5 patterns from Violette Field Threads ($45 approximate value)

2 patterns ($20 value) from Petit a Petit & family

2 patterns from Titchy Threads ($20 value)

Our 3rd place winner will be rewarded with:

Cricut BrightPad and vinyl kit from Cricut ($100+ value)

$75 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop

$75 gift certificate from Project Run & Play

$50 gift certificate from Simple Life Pattern Company

3 patterns from Violette Field Threads ($36 approximate value)

1 pattern ($10 value) from Petit a Petit & family

1 pattern from Titchy Threads ($10 value)

Other 2 designers prizes:

Because we can't bear to send any of our designers home empty handed, we have special parting gift certificates for them too from Winter Wear Designs and Project Run & Play.

We're always so amazed by our sponsors.  They are very, very generous and supportive of Project Run & Play.  We're sure that some of the reason for the huge sponsor support is due to your continued patronage of them!  Please help us once again thank this season's sponsors by following them on social media and patronizing their shops whenever you can!

Project Run & Play is a rewarding endeavor for all who sew, both designers and sew along participants.  It's so rewarding to be sewing as a group on the same theme and to share and see what others have made.  Often the results of what you create are worth it in and of themselves!  But we like to make Project Run & Play even more rewarding by coming up with fantastic prizes for the designers and rewarding those who sew along too.  This part would NOT be possible without our sponsors.  

Please help give a HUGE thank you to all of the companies that are sponsoring this season of PR&P.  We REALLY appreciate you.....{and it's certain the winners will too!}  

So, if you have fabric, crafting, notions or Etsy needs....please click on the sponsors and on the sidebar to visit and support them.  It would mean a lot.