About PR&P

Project Run and Play is the blogger's version of Project Runway, but for kids! Each week, the designers compete to create the best outfit (with a tutorial) based on a theme. A panel of "celebrity" judges awards them a score of 1 to 5 in each category, and then a reader's poll is opened. Readers are allowed to vote once each week for the design they like the most, and at the end of the week, the score is tallyed. The winner is announced (and their tutorial is posted), and the person with the lowest votes is "sent home."

Q. Who are the judges?
A. This can be found at the Celebrity Judges tab at the top of the screen. We have three celebrity judges- Katy of No Big Dill, Shannon of luvinthemommyhood, and Dana of Made along with an alternating guest celebrity judge each week.

Q. How do the judges score the designs and how does this figure in to the overall score?

A. The judges award a score of 1-5, based on four categories--overall look, creativity, craftsmanship and wearability.

As far as how it figures in to the overall score- this is where it becomes rather complex. The judges scores account for about half of the overall scoring. This is to balance out the problem of Project Run & Play becoming a popularity contest, rather than a design contest.  An average of the judges scores are taken to determine a percentage.  Each designer receives their votes from the poll + the percentage (judges scores) of the base (high vote).

Q. Where do we vote?
A.  During the season, the voting begins each Friday at 6 am Eastern time and closes Sunday night at Midnight Eastern time.  During the voting there will be a poll open in the left--hand sidebar. Please do not vote in the comments.  Each computer is only allowed one vote.

Q. Why aren't the submissions kept anonymous?
A. In trying to keep things simple- it's hard for bloggers to find anonymous models each week.  And with the tight sewing schedules and photo shoots it would be an extra burden to add one more component that makes the competition more difficult. 

Q. How were designers chosen?
A. For this season, the designers were chosen from their work on their fabulous sewing blogs!  We hope to have more avenues for entries in future seasons so stayed tuned.

 Q. What does the winner win?
A. Check out the prize page!