Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Project Run & Play Ambassador Team

 As we shared earlier this week, Project Run & Play is growing.  We're so excited to introduce our new ambassador team!  These talented ladies are going to be spreading the news about what a wonderful event Project Run & Play is to the whole world.  

And that's not all, they'll be sharing their creative talents here too so we can all be inspired.

Pinterest Ambassadors:

Lindsay comes to us from PA Country Crafts.  She is our resident Pinterest guru, and is going to revolutionize our Pinterest boards and account!

Jenny shares her talents over at Made of Starlite.  She has an eye for design and mood boards that will get you excited about creating too!

Facebook Ambassadors:

Randi from Cut, Sip, Sew is leading the entire ambassador team, and helping field pattern requests on Facebook.  You're going to be very inspired by what she shares here too!

Tara inspires everyone with her amazing sewing at Sew Haute Blog.  Besides fielding pattern requests and sharing with the Facebook sewing community about Project Run & Play, Tara is coordinating some cool events in the Facebook Fan Group.  (Go join!)  Plus, she has some great sewing she'll be sharing right here on Project Run & Play too.

Whitney shares her stunning sewing over at Sew Whit Designs.  She'll be answering pattern inquires and requests on Facebook and sharing some incredible things here to get your creative juices flowing!

Amanda of Deriving Mommyhood will also be joining our Facebook ambassador team.  She will share her amazing makes here too, so keep your eyes out for that!

Instagram Ambassador:

Anita of DIY with Manneken will be sharing reels and other fun sewing content on Instagram.  Plus, you are going to be so inspired by the things she shares here on Project Run & Play too!

Please give these talented ambassadors a warm welcome...and stay tuned for some inspiring things they're making coming right up!
Monday, September 20, 2021

Project Run & Play is growing!

 For the past little while, Project Run & Play has been experiencing growing pains!  A little history if you don't mind...

In January 2018, when I (Audrey) took over as leader from an assistant position, there were 2 owners and 2 virtual assistants managing Project Run & Play.  From that point on, it's been just lil old me!  

But Project Run & Play has grown immensely in that time!  We've added a shop, and started coordinating the really amazing collaborations.  So as you can imagine, the work load has grown quite a lot over the past 3.5 years.

It was time to bring in some help, and I'm happy to announce some super special and amazing assistants will be joining the team!!!

Randi of Cut, Sip, Sew is joining the team as our Blog & Content Coordinator.  She will be bringing her creative talents to bear in creating some really fun upcoming events!  

Jenny of Made of Starlite is joining the team as our Pattern & Product Manager.  Together we'll be creating future Project Run & Play exclusive patterns, and she'll also be helping manage the shop.  (She's starting off with the exciting cover photo contest for the shop!!!)

Tara of Sew Haute Blog will be joining the team in early 2022 (if all goes as planned) as our Growth & Outreach Representative.  She will be sharing with the whole world what a wonderful thing Project Run & Play we can grow even more!

We're really excited to be working together and GROWING PR&P into an even bigger sensation! 

But you know what, that's not even all the people joining the Project Run & Play team.  Come back Wednesday when we introduce you to even more creatives joining the Project Run & Play team!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Cover Model Contest

 We're having a cover model contest!  Here's a secret: our pattern shop is getting a face lift, and you can be part of it!  Each of the patterns will be getting a new cover, and not only could your gorgeous child be on the front, but YOU could win some fun prizes too!  Okay, okay, here are all the details:

Sew up ANY patterns in the Project Run & Play shop.

Take a bunch of cute photos of your model!  Be sure to include the 3 following pictures:

1 modeled photo against a white background.

Caraway Cardigan and D'Anjou Dress pictured above

1 modeled photo where your model is seated (white background optional)

1 flat lay photo of the pattern (white background optional)
Up Beet Tee & Dress pictured above

Everyone who links up will receive a special discount code for the shop as a thank you!

If your photos are chosen for a cover model, you will get to giveaway a copy of the pattern(s) you sewed AND

You will win 2 additional patterns of your choice from the shop!

Enter your pattern to the contest by linking up below:

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

Cover model contest will run through October 31st.  Sew and link up as many patterns as you want from the shop!