Friday, January 12, 2024

A New Chapter for Project Run and Play

 With the new year comes new changes to Project Run and Play.

First, all new blog posts going forward will be shared on the shop website,! We plan to maintain this website so that all of the incredible content posted over the last 14 years can continue to be shared with others to teach and inspire. The shop website is also getting a bit of a refresh and reorganization, so please bear with us as we attempt to change things up a bit!

Project Run and Play

Second, the leadership team has shifted a bit.

Jenny and Whitney have been helping out over the last few years and will be stepping back into contributor roles. Project Run and Play could not have accomplished so many great things without their hard work and great ideas! Thank you both so much!!!

Audrey is officially retiring from Project Run and Play! Back in 2018, Audrey took over Project Run and Play and expanded it to include a pattern shop as well as adding many fun events! Her vision for evolving Project Run and Play has created so many meaningful relationships in addition to huge accomplishments! We are going to miss her so much! 

Here is a special note from Audrey:

For the past several years I have had the immense pleasure and privilege of holding the reins at Project Run and Play. It has been my goal during this time to continue providing an inspiring, educational, and creative space for the sewing community to find a reprieve from the daily grind. I have also attempted to grow Project Run and Play into an even bigger and more inspiring place by continuing the traditional Seasons, creating and curating the shop, releasing new patterns and pattern collections, coordinating inspirational sewing tours, and designing the ever popular lookbooks. 

This would not have been possible without each and every one of you. Designers, contributors, sponsors, assistants, team members and more have carried this event on their shoulders and helped it succeed, while in the process becoming like family to me. I feel so humbled as I think of each and every person who helped me through my tenure as the head cheerleader at Project Run and Play. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

It is with immense gratitude and respect that I am retiring and passing the reins to Lindsay and Liesel. You know these two ladies well as they are past Designers, not only earning well-deserved top places in their Seasons, but continuing to inspire us all again and again since then!  Their vision and dedication will lift Project Run and Play to even greater heights.  Please give them your wholehearted support in every possible way you can.  They have and will deserve it!

Thank you for everything and happy sewing,


We have been planning this virtual "Retirement Party" in secret and collected special messages to Audrey from the Project Run and Play family. We are also sharing some of our favorite things that Audrey has sewn over the years! (Oh, and each of the images are linked if you want to see more!)

Audrey, Congratulations on your retirement! You have been such a positive light in the online sewing community. Your leadership has left a great impact on Project Run and play! I was blessed to work along side you for a short time. And I am honored to call you a friend! Wishing you joy, relaxation and lots of sewing time in the next chapter of your life! All the best, Whitney, Sew Whit Designs

Audrey has been the heart of Project Run and Play, and turned it from just a sewing competition, to a collaborative community ❤️ I have learned so much working with her as a collaborator and as member of the Project Run and Play team! She knows how to make people feel valued and included, and I am so excited for her next big adventure! - Jenny, Made of Starlite

Audrey was running Project Run and Play when I was invited to participate as a contestant, so she’ll always be the one who made the competition accessible to me. She was so organized, and thorough, and made the whole season run smoothly. I loved knowing exactly what to expect, and the camaraderie she encouraged between competitors was what made me eager to continue being a part of this space! The reason Project Run and Play is what it is, is thanks to the shoulders who have carried it this far, and Audrey is a huge part of it’s legacy! Thank you, Audrey, for everything you did for Project Run and Play, and me! -Liesel, It's Liesel

Audrey, I am going to miss you leading Project Run and Play! You have done amazing things over the past few years and your work ethic and positive attitude have inspired me! I am honored to be able to continue the work that you started and I pinky promise to stay in touch! Above all, beyond the amazing sewing patterns and creative content, you have touched lives and inspired others. I am so grateful to call you my friend! -Lindsay, PACountryCrafts

To Audrey - wishing you all happiness as you move into retirement. Thank you for inviting me to join the wonderful, kind and creative PRP family. - Sara, Waves and Wild

Audrey, thank you for all you’ve done to keep PR&P going and for your imaginative leadership. You’ve done some pretty amazing things and I’m so happy I was able to be part of it. Enjoy your retirement! - Lisa, Lisee Ree Designs

Audrey is a unique and powerful soul who has changed me for the better! She is crazy talented, creative, capable and a deep thinker. She makes intentional decisions in keeping with her values, but she’s also open to new ideas and unique perspectives. She loves fiercely and protectively and I am honored to be one of her friends. She has mentored me in so many ways, and I just adore her! Happy retirement, Audrey. Gosh, you’re old. -Bonnie Wiscombe

Audrey's contributions to Project Run & Play have been nothing short of extraordinary. She refined and elevated PR&P into the dynamic event we see today. Her crowning achievement was the introduction of designer collaborations, bringing forth numerous patterns, digital files, and fabrics that embody the spirit of the PR&P community. As we give thanks for Audrey's contributions, we wish her a retirement filled with joy and new adventures. - Jenn, Jennuine Designs

Thank you so much Audrey for everything you have done for Project Run and Play! You made my dream come true as a 24 year old when you invited me to be a designer! It was something I never imagined happening but because of you I was able to challenge myself and become a better seamstress and even a designer. I am so glad to have “met” you through the blogging and sewing community. You constantly inspire me with your beautiful sewing and pattern designs. Thank you Audrey and happy retirement! - Elizabeth, The College Seamstress

Audrey, you have been an inspiration to me! I got to know PR&P because of you and it has made me very happy to collaborate with you and the other designers during the past years. I love what you do, your sewing, the collections, how you've managed PR&P, your podcast, and how you always have a kind word when I'm feeling down. You helped me see and feel that I'm not alone in this big pattern designing world, and this has been very important to me. I'll miss you dearly over here, and I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do next. Perhaps we can meet in person one day, I would love that. - Susana, Suco by Susana

I can’t imagine anyone who could have done a better job leading and helping build Project Run + Play to what it is today. The countless hours she has put in, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, will be sorely missed. To have this little nugget on the internet that celebrates those who sew for their children is such a joy. It wouldn’t be possible without the commitment Audrey has had to PRP since the beginning! I hope that this next chapter of life keeps your creative fires burning, while allowing you to rest a little more. We look forward to seeing what you do next! - Lakeisha, Sincerely Shantelle

The term “force for good” is very fitting for Audrey. As I’ve worked with her on several projects I’ve been witness to her amazing work ethic and positivity. She is such a skilled organizer, selfless cheerleader, adept designer, and the kindest of friends. I’ve genuinely never met anyone as dependable and hardworking as she is, and I’ve never left an interaction with her without feeling encouraged to be better. She inspires so effectively by example and through kindness. I will always admire the relentlessly uplifting impact she’s made on the sewing world through Project Run and Play. Best wishes for what’s next Audrey. Love, Delia - Delia Creates

For so many years Audrey has been a beloved colleague and collaborator. I was excited when she first took over Project Run & Play and it was fun to be a part of some of the early choices she made with the brand. Early on, Audrey was interested in collaborating with other designers and creating some PR&P collections that could help promote not only the site, but also reach further into the the brands of the individual designers once the exclusivity seasons were complete. These type of collaborations really helped engage the community and strengthen the project run & play sew along competitions, which were always my favorite part of the site.  I wish only the best for Audrey as she steps aside and I can’t wait to see where the future takes the brand. I know she’ll be watching and cheering you ladies on from the sidelines, as will we all 💕💕 - Ajaire, Call Ajaire

Congrats on this move to a new stage, Audrey. You were an essential part of my journey from excited pattern tester to overwhelmed designer. LOL Thanks for walking me through the experience of PR&P. ❤️ Sherri, Mami de Sofiona

Audrey, Project run and play is so fun to be a part of! It has inspired so many sewist over the years. Watching PRP grow has been so cool, especially having he opportunity to be a part of it! Congratulations on retirement, I hope the next phase of life is filled with enjoyment 💗 -Emily, Team Orosco

Thank you for your hard work on Project Run and Play. I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to compete in season 26. I NEVER would have imagined I would be chosen and I’ll be forever grateful for the chance; it was something I needed very much at a very difficult time in my life and that means more than you can imagine. Enjoy your free time! - Emily, Emily Sews Stuff

The first time I spoke with Audrey was to propose my participation in the PR&P, what a nice opportunity she gave me. I am very grateful. Audrey has always struck me as a hard-working woman with a very important skill: she never loses her patience and gentleness. That smile of hers is magic. I wish you all the best in your new stage. Greetings from Spain! -Monica, Ma Me Mi Mo

Thanks Lindsay! Audrey has been so wonderful and inspiring and has grown PRP so much!! Wishing her the very best with everything that comes next!! -Emily, Replicate then Deviate

It would be great if we could all have a piece of cake now! (Consider this your excuse for a treat!)

Congratulation, Audrey! Enjoy!

Moving forward, Project Run and Play will continue with Liesel and Lindsay taking the reins. For 2024 there will be monthly themes and sewing challenges with prizes! The first one is already started!!!

Here is how you can keep up with Project Run and Play:


Facebook Group


New Blog

To be continued...

Feel free to leave your own message for Audrey in the comments!

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Project Night and Day with PACountryCrafts

We took a little break from Project Night and Day during the busy holiday season, but it is time to wrap things up! Lindsay from PACountryCrafts sewed these fun daytime girls looks!

Project Night and Day Girls Outfits

 I used the warmer colors from the Project Night and Day color palette to plan some daytime inspired girls looks. Cali Fabrics had so many incredible options that it was hard to narrow it down! Get the full details on each look over on my blog!

Mustard Rayon Gauze
Burnt Orange Heather Brushed Rib Sweater Knit
Peachy Pink Double Brushed Poly

Sunset Shirt
Lemon Tee
Sol Skirt
Celestial Dress
Little Dipper Bag
Sunshine Scrunchies & (Rain)Bows
Luna Jumper
Constellation Collar
Rocky Shore Tights
Starlite Dress (modified)
Abby's Trailblazing Socks
Project Night and Day Embroidery Designs

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Project Night and Day with PACountryCrafts

 Next up on the Project Night and Day blog tour we have these amazing girls night looks by Lindsay of PACountryCrafts!

Project Night and Day

I wanted to create night inspired looks with lots of sparkle and WOW! 

90s style track suit DIY

When we were planning patterns for this collection, we envisioned the perfect track suit with the Verdant Windbreaker and Planetary Pants. This is made of ripstop nylon so it is very lightweight but will be perfect for her to wear to gymnastics practice! A Sunshine Scrunchie adds the perfect 90s style accessory too!

Celestial Style Girls Outfit

This upcycled outfit includes the Aurora Raglan paired with a sparkly skirt and a Constellation Collar with Project Night and Day Embroidery for a bit of added class!

Girls Satin Celestial Dress

I used purple satin from Cali Fabrics and added silver trim to this Celestial Dress to accentuate the princess seams. For winter layering, I sewed a faux fur Blank Canvas Cardigan. The embroidered (Rain)Bow adds a perfect touch!

Velvet Luna Jumper

I just had to try a Luna Jumper in velvet and this navy stretch velvet from Cali Fabrics was lovely to sew! I used an athletic knit remnant for the ruffles and also used it for pieced Rocky Shore Tights. There was just enough left for a Sunshine Scrunchie with tails.

Velvet Easel Tee

Finally, because I made a little error - the littlest model got a bonus outfit! Velvet is a great option for the Easel Tee and it pairs well with Rocky Shore Tights. The Project Night and Day Digital Designs include stars that make a perfect applique! Oh, and that scrunchie adds the sassiest ponytail!

I have lots more to share so head to my blog to get the rest of the details!



Project Night and Day Collection