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Season 21 Week 3: The Sound of Fashion

It's time for you to sit back and listen. Can you hear it? It's the sound of fashion!
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Striped Swallow Designs - Blue Skies & Free Spirits

When I heard Week 3's theme -- Sound of Fashion -- it immediately took me back to a memory of dancing under blue skies with my girls at a music festival. Their carefree movements that day re-inspired me to go with the flow and to live life to the fullest. Drawing on that inspiration and my family's love for indie music -- rock, reggae and folk -- it was only fitting I created a pair of flowy festival designs with a bohemian vibe for my look.

For my first outfit, I drafted a new flowy, hi-low top and added an exposed zipper with the sweetest feather pull. I paired it with my first and most popular pattern the Coachella Shorts.
I was drawn to the colors I chose for this week, the gorgeous peach and blues, as they remind me of being outside as the sun is setting listening to great music.

For my second outfit, I drafted a new skirt with a v front waistband and a hemline that dips down in the front and back. The lace blue bralette underneath is from a dance wear pattern I drafted for my daughter a few weeks ago. Lastly, I used my Hideaway pattern as the starting point for the white top. I changed the neckline a bit, added casings and ties to the sleeves, and cut the length off the top to make it a crop and shirred the bottom.

More photos and info from our shoot over on our blog. xo - Mandalynn

Made of Starlite - We Never Go Out of Style

I can't believe I made it to Week Three! I am so excited for you to see these looks, they were so much fun to put together. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Music has a special place in my heart. It's in my blood! I grew up on a healthy diet of the the Beatles and Paula Abdul, between my dad's cover bands (he's an awesome guitar player) and my mom's dance studio that she ran out of our basement. When trying to decide on an inspiration for this week's theme, I had literally a MILLION ideas! I settled on something pink, sparkly, and inspired by the artist that has dominated our sister dance parties for the past 10 years: Ms. Taylor Swift! πŸ€©πŸ’ƒπŸ€©πŸ’ƒπŸ€©πŸ’ƒπŸ€©πŸ’ƒπŸ€©πŸ’ƒπŸ€©

Do you ever feel like sometimes people just "get you"? Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is one of those people. Her lyrics cut straight through to the heart of a situation like few songwriters can! Each of my four sisters and I have spent precious bonding time with our dad, learning to play Taylor's songs on guitar, attending concerts together, and singing along to music that speaks to us and is *super fun* to dance in the kitchen to! With this challenge, I wanted to create some looks that my daughter and her cousins (also avid TS fans!) could play, go to school, and have dance parties in!

These looks are specifically inspired by the outfit Taylor wore to perform at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. I found this almost identical sequin fabric at JoAnns, and crafted my designs from there. Since she is so tall, Taylor Swift loves to show off her legs, so I went with shorts, a miniskirt with bike shorts attached, and some gold leggings for the middle schooler. The tops are loose fitting and more casual in design, perfect for both playgrounds and concerts!

The pink tee is a heavily modified Talulah tee from Violette Field Threads, made with bubble gum pink rayon spandex. She says it's super soft and "bouncy" and was dying for me to take the flat lay so she could wear it to school! The skirt is a pair of Rocky Shore tights from Sofiona Designs, shorts length, with a self-drafted skirt attached and a flat waistband. The sequin tee is the bodice of a Tatum dress from Violette Field Threads, lengthened an inch, with neckbands, armbands and a full lining from jersey so that no scratchy sequins actually touch skin! The shorts are Avery shorts from Violette Field Threads, modified so they are fitted all the way around, not elasticized at the back waist, and finished off with oversized gold buttons. For the sweater, probably my favorite piece of this collection, I started with the Tatum dress again, drafted a hi-lo hemline, widened the body a bit, re-drafted the sleeve to be a drop shoulder dolman, and added bands to the neckline, sleeve cuffs and hem to give it more of a "sweatshirt" feel. I totally love how it came out, and my niece has requested a million more for school! I know it's super hard to please my discerning five-year-old fashionista, so I definitely count it as a win when a seventh grader loves what I made! The gold leggings are a second pair of Rocky shores, cut to a cropped length.

Since her lyrics are the main thing that draw me to Taylor Swift, I had to include them on the outfits! I did a little hand embroidery on the pink tee pocket, with a line from the song "Paper Rings". To do it, I designed the text in Silhouette Studio and traced it onto my fabric with a wash away fabric marker. The graphic on the rainbow sweater was inspired by a line from the song "ME!". I painted it on my cut fabric with acrylic paints mixed with fabric medium, so the paint is flexible like screen printing ink. I cut the words from gold iron-on vinyl with my Silhouette.  If I was making an outfit for a middle schooler, of course I *had* to include a scrunchie! Because apparently the 90s are back. And who am I to stand in the way of a trend? 🀷‍♀️

Check out my blog for lots more photos from our dance party, links to some of our favorite TS songs, and more words than any normal person is going to want to read! 😜

Love Hazel Grace Designs - Butterfly

This week's theme did not come easily for me. For weeks, I went around the house mumbling about the sound of fashion and what did that mean. One day my oldest daughter, Johanna, said to me, "Mom will you stop and just design something for that week" so I sketched something that I liked but it had absolutely nothing to do with any genre of music and that bothered me. So Johanna sat down with me, much like I have over the years with her, and started asking questions. She got about 5 minutes into her questions about the theme and looked at me like I had 3 heads and one was spinning around in circles, you know that look tweens give you when they think you have lost your mind. She said "Mom you have had this designed for years and it is finally time to sew it!" She got very excited and animated as she said "Your genre of music is K-Pop (Korean pop music) and your design is the modern hanbok you have sketched and have never sewn up." After calming her down a bit and making sure she would actually let me take her pictures in said modern hanbok, I set to work. For this reason, I am calling this post Butterfly λ‚˜λΉ„ after a BTS song and how these designs emerged like a butterfly. 

Now you likely have two questions (1) how did you get into K-Pop long before K-Pop was cool (if you know popular music think BTS - they are a K-Pop boys group) and (2) what is a hanbok. This first question is easy. Samuel and Johanna are adopted from South Korea. 11 years ago my husband, my mother and I spent a little over a week in Korea meeting not only Samuel and Johanna but their foster parents and falling in love with the country that made my husband and I parents. Going to Korea we were a family of two and coming home we were a family of four! Ever since that trip we have worked to learn to read, write and speak Korean as well as learn about the culture. Which brings us to the 2nd question, what is a hanbok. Hanbok is the traditional attire of the Korean people and has a history as colorful as the garments themselves. Traditional hanboks were worn daily up until about a century ago but the hanbok remains an important icon of Korea, and is still worn on special occasions and holidays. You can see a picture of Johanna’s 1st hanbok here and her current hanbok here

Many K-Pop girls groups have worn modernized hanboks in the last 11 years and I have always loved the look and so has Johanna. There are a few aspects that were non-negotiable for Johanna; the pleated skirt, the jacket and the hanbok bow. Ideally I would prefer a dress that can be washed and ironed easily as well! I started with fabric and for the solid colors I decided on Kona cotton and the skirt a watercolor floral cotton to symbolize the flowers sometimes embroidered on the hanbok. Next I knew the skirt needed to be shorter. The to the floor look of the hanbok was not one that Johanna liked and Hazel always fell over her hanbok skirt. I determined that just above the knee was the perfect look to be age appropriate and still keep with today’s trends. Finally I added pockets, since what girl does not need pockets in her dress!

In a traditional hanbok, the “dress” is two thin straps you slip on your shoulders and then wrap the bodice around you and tie at the chest. Our family has had many times where someone’s hanbok came undone and it was a good thing they had on clothes under the hanbok. For the bodice of this dress, I took a basic sleeveless bodice sloper and lengthened it a little past Johanna’s natural waist.  She asked to be sure it did not plunge in the front but in the back she wanted a little plunge, so I made those changes to the bodice as well. Finally, I used an invisible zipper in the back, which helped to make the bodice more form fitting for Johanna. 

For the jacket, Johanna requested the shorter jacket similar to the one on her 1st hanbok but with short puffy sleeves. Using Johanna’s current hanbok jacket as a starting point, I made the overlapping jacket and created a starting point for the sleeves. I added some to the sleeves to make them poof like Johanna requested. The jacket collar is made out of the same material as the skirt. The last touch for the jacket is the traditional hanbok bow.

Johanna insisted I also make a modern hanbok for Hazel. I thought the look I designed for Johanna was a little old for her 2 year old sister, so for the younger modern hanbok wearer I designed a wrap dress. I started with a jumper pattern I designed for Johanna when she was 4. That pattern is made to cross the body in the back with a full gathered skirt. I started by flipping the front and back pieces of the jumper. The now front pieces of the jumper needed to have a straight edge so I squared those off to resemble the same closure of Johanna’s jacket. After constructing the lined upper bodice portion, I added puff sleeves similar to Johanna’s sleeves and a “belt” to make the upper portion look like a jacket and resemble the big sister look. Finally, I added a removable traditional hanbok bow, to cover the buttons required to keep the dressed closed. 

For the skirt, I changed the gathers to pleats to keep that aspect of a traditional hanbok. Hazel does better with skirts and climbing all the things when the skirt falls just above her knees, so I hemmed the skirt at that length! I also added pockets to Hazel's skirt.

These dresses will be perfect for celebrating Korean holidays with friends and family as well as to wear to church and special occasions! I am so grateful that Johanna sat down and brainstormed with me this week!  To read more about the patterns and fabric used check out my blog post.
Patterns: Bodice sloper for size 10 girls; Ready to Wear hanbok; Love, Hazel Grace Designs unreleased jumper pattern  Fabric: Kona cotton, watercolor flower cotton from Hobby Lobby

Unfortunately, our 4th designer had to drop out before completing this week's challenge due to health and a hospital stay!  We wish her the best and know our sponsors will be rewarding her handsomely.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Season 21 Week 2 Results!

I think the real super hero this week are the moms who sewed up all those amazing looks for the Super Heroes and Heroines theme!  Each of these designs was so different, and each one so special.

The winner of week 2 is:

Small children fighting big battles! by Carissa of Love Hazel Grace Designs

Here's what this week's sewing celebrity guest judge Delia of Delia Creates had to say about this look:

I really appreciated that you thought outside of the box for this week's theme. Your choice of hero inspiration was so touching! I love that you added such creative and thoughtful, adaptive details to the clothing you designed.  Overall, I think you did a wonderful job! I love the heart you put into your sewing. 

And now the really hard part, one designer has to be let go this week.  Sadly we're losing:

Sarah of We Sew Got This

Fortunately, our sponsors are sending her some nice prizes.  She will receive:

$50 gift certificate from Urban Sew

3 patterns from Winter Wear Designs

  And she's a part of the Project Run & Play family now, so you can expect to see more of her amazing work around here!

Are you sewing along?  Be sure to link up your creations on the sew along page for a chance to win some fantastic prizes!

See you next week for The Sound of Fashion!!
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Season 21 Week 2: Super Heroes & Heroines

Every kid wants to be a super hero or heroine, right?   And now, thanks to our fantastic designers, these kids get to be super hero and heroines everyday!  

Be sure to scroll through all 5 designers creations and vote using the widget at the end.

The Dapper Captain - Olivia Jane Handmade

Project Run and Play A Dapper Captain

Meredith from Olivia Jane Handcrafted here! I'm so excited to be back for week two of Project Run and Play! This week is all about making an outfit that is not a costume that nods to our child's favorite superhero or heroine, and let me tell you, that is not as easy as it sounds! There was much debate over what qualifies a hero as "super", and again, what they might wear when not saving the world. So this week, my entry is focused on my son, his unique style, and his favorite hero, Steve Rogers who is better known as Captain America. 

Project Run and Play A Dapper Captain 

 Wallace is the kid who loves to look good all the time. It takes no parental prompting- he simply likes to don suspenders whenever he can or add a bowtie to his look. He loves his hair just so, and he needs to be clean at all times. So naturally, his version of the Captain, was going to have to be a dapper one, which isn't a stretch for the gentleman hero. We chose a blue gingham for his shirt, and spared no details. Its has all the characteristics of a professionally sewn shirt, from a collar with collar stand to a tower placket on the sleeves. I used the Buttoned Up Buttoned Down Shirt from Oliver & S because their patterns are always so well done, and include all the details of high end ready to wear clothing. The buttons are pearl and they were purchased at Jones & Vandermeer. His bow tie was made with Liberty lawn. 

Project Run and Play A Dapper Captain 

 The pants are a light grey linen- we didn't want to go full white for the pants. That wouldn't last one day, even with my clean kid. I used the Art Museum Trousers pattern from Oliver & S for the pants. They feature welt pockets with a peek of the gingham fabric inside. The waistband facing also includes the gingham used in his shirt. The trousers are an easy wear with light linen, and fit nicely. My young captain was glad for belt loops to add in a belt! 

Project Run and Play A Dapper Captain 

 As a mom who dreads when my children want me to make anything character related because stores are so saturated with that kind of thing, I was glad for this week's prompt to make regular clothing that our favorite superhero might wear! I know this outfit will get lots of mileage and can be worn most anywhere. You can read and see more photos over on my blog post! Thank you! -Meredith

Lightning & Speed - Striped Swallow Designs

Free to Play. Run. Make believe... free to Be. To create. To move. To dance & groove.
Free to flip and twirl and fight and whirl... and free to conquer the world!
I'm going to be real honest...when I heard the theme for Week 2, I freaked out a little. It is sooo out of my realm! I immediately started brainstorming though and was so relieved within a couple hours I had a plan. And then of course didn't sleep well that night because I was working out all the details in my head. I love those full force, creative moments even if it means I don't get much sleep!

This photoshoot was such a blast too. Once Harbor stepped into the romper and put her gloves on, she was incredibly FIERCE! And Emerie kept running around saying she was flash!
For my first outfit, I drafted a harem romper with a deep v-neck so I could add an inset with the super hero fabric. Since I knew I wanted the romper to be solid black, I added a few fun details to bring it to life. Gathering on the sides of the bodice, shirring down the center of the back bodice and beautiful angles on the front bodice.

For my second outfit, I chose my Desert Breeze pattern as I wanted the cold shoulder look. I stumbled across the fringe when I was on the hunt for fabrics for my beach photoshoot for Week 1 and immediately knew that was the fabric for the skirt of this dress. This was my first time sewing with fringe and it was actually easier than I expected, but definitely a little tedious when cutting. More details are on my blog if you are curious on how I went about it.
Each girl also got a pair of super hero gloves. I used my Winter Park thumbhole cuff as a starting point. I added glitter heat transfer vinyl for a super hero logo on the dress and Harbor's gloves. And finally made a belt in the lame fabric for Emerie's dress.
Fabrics used: black double brushed poly for the romper, black lycra lame for Emerie's belt and gloves and black fringe all from Cali Fabrics. The amazing "super hero" print I chose is Brazilian athletic fabric from Surge Fabric Shop.

So after all the fret this ended up being the theme I was most excited for. It pushed my creativity and I love it for that.
More photos and info from our shoot over on our blog. xo - Mandalynn

Do you want to build a snowman? - We Sew Got This


Nordic sisters speak directly to my little girl’s hearts, heritage and passions. I couldn’t see anything more genuinely fitting, I embraced the challenge to think outside the box using our Frozen heroine. With little Say just starting to really get into storyline play with her big sister, their relationship is starting to blossom! We adventured through a magical forest, where Elsa brought on a little out of season frost for us.

Adventurous sister

Artsy and fun - everyday Anna! In her own geometric, color blocking way, Kona cotton was the perfect fit to find the unique colors needed. I drew little sister a shift dress with a mild high low, trimmed in pompoms inspired by the original coronation outfit. Starting with Violette Field Threads Georgia, I reshaped the generous neckline and used a facing finish with a zipper closure. Dropping the waistline down with a steep V shape gave room to pull around from each side with two A line panels. The dress is hemmed off with a small gathered front and slow tapering point in the back.

Ice Princess

This everyday Elsa dress is simple yet packed with all the little details a princess desires. No joke, my girl has been begging for snow since spring; making her own would be a dream come true! Easy to play in doesn’t get much prettier than this tiny sparkle cotton. Using the Violette Field Thread’s Seraphina as a starting point, I redrew a boat neck inspired, princess curved neckline. Then I scooped the wide shoulder half way down her back. Choosing my own unique finishings included drafting the less full skirt to the knee and fun bow cuffed sleeves.

You can find out more about these makes and their story on my blog HERE. I hope to see you again next week!

xoxo Sarah

Small children fighting big battles - Love Hazel Grace Designs

From the time I learned the themes for Project Run and Play and started sketching my designs, I knew this week would be special to me because my hero is my nephew Ryder. Ryder fought leukemia for more than half of his life, and he did it with a smile, a joke, and a love of life! Sadly, Ryder lost his battle with cancer last December. Last week would have been Ryder’s 4th birthday, so honoring him and his battle buddies with this challenge felt like a great way to celebrate his life and his birthday. I called my sister, Ryder’s mom, to ask her how I could make adaptive clothing for Ryder’s battle buddies. It was important that the clothes that were comfortable, accessible for ports and tubes, but still looked like fun clothing that any child would want to wear. At the time I couldn’t tell my sister 100% why I needed suggestions, but she helped me by sharing what specific aspects of what a “normal” outfit Ryder and his buddies would have needed. I have included pictures of Ryder and his ports so you can see my “Why” for designing for this superhero.

First every child of Ryder's age or younger (just a little older and his port or buddies as he called them would have looked different) needs access to their buddies or whatever they have called their port. This port is in the middle of their chest so I knew a welt opening would be needed in the middle of a shirt - a t-shirt - that would be comfortable and could have designs on it that could work for any child. These shirts have welt openings allowing easy access to the child's port but that opening is covered by a patch I created with my embroidery machine, so only the wearer and whoever the wearer decides to tell know the opening is there! On these two outfits, I used a firetruck in honor of Ryder's hero, his daddy, and a unicorn in honor of one of Hazel's favorite animals! The back of the patch is covered with white fabric on the bottom half of it and then the top half is Thermofix which is then affixed to the shirt.

Also on the shirt at the back of the collar is a snap that has a loop of rick rack attached to it. If the child has an NG tube the child needs a place for that tube to go while they are playing. The tape that holds the NG tube on their back can be painful when pulled off or leave a residue on their clothing so a place to hold that tube and keep it out of the way is important.

Finally for the shirt, what kid does not love a superhero cape? A cape that ties around the neck or goes around the neck is a safety concern for all children; a child with a port/tubes especially needs a safer alternative. I made the cape snap to the back shoulder of the shirt! The snaps are plastic, so they are washer and dryer-safe as well as metal-free and safe around medical equipment. I repeated the designs from the shirt fronts on the cape backs so our little superheroes can have fun coming and going.

I never saw Ryder wear jeans after he was diagnosed. My sister said that the buttons on the adjustable waistbands were uncomfortable, and that was not uncommon for his battle buddies to have the same complaints. I designed a flat front pant with jean styling, but I encased any uncomfortable parts in the waistband. The cargo pockets also have an important function. The children receive medications into their ports through balls that they carry with them in fanny packs. The cargo pockets on these pants are large enough to hold the medication ball and have a grommet that the cords and tubes can go through to attach to the port. Looking at these fun pockets, no one would think that there was anything but toys inside!

Thank you for letting me share my hero, Ryder! For these tiny warriors and their families, it is so important that their clothes look like all the other kids. Also, thank you to Hazel and Emmerson who modeled these clothes for all their siblings, friends and buddies who need adaptive clothes! To read more about the patterns and fabric used check out my blog post
Patterns: Love, Hazel Grace Designs unreleased patterns Straight Leg Pants and T-Shirt 
 Fabric: stretch denim (pink and dark wash) from my stash; black knit fabric from my stash; firetruck knit fabric from my stash; unicorn sketch knit from JoAnn's Doodles Collection; Rainbow Batik fabric from JoAnn's; Yellow cotton (from my stash); blue sparkle linen (from my stash); 
Patches made by me on my embroidery machine - Unicorn is from Applique Club and the Firetruck is from Happytown Applique

Glitter Force Makeover - Made of Starlite

Eeeeekkk!! I am so thrilled to be with you for week two! I knew all of the designers this season were super talented, but the level of craftsmanship and creativity only on week one was incredible!

For this week, I had a million ideas, but nothing was really speaking to me. My kids love dressing up, particularly my younger two, but they are very particular about details and are not shy about letting me know when something isn't *exactly* like the character. 😜🀷‍♀️ So convincing them to wear something inspired by a superhero but NOT an exact replica of the costume was going to be my biggest challenge! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Luckily, as I was perusing Pinterest for inspiration, I came across superhero themed swimsuits, and everything clicked into place! After tough negotiations with my opinionated 5-year-old, we settled on making Glitter Force:Doki Doki inspired swimsuits for her and her two friends! All three girls and my 7-year-old son are obsessed with this cute Japanese show, which is on Netflix in case your kids are looking for a new show to binge. Because who isn't looking for their next Netflix fix? 😏 If you ever watched Sailor Moon as a kid, this will be right up your alley.

The girls prepared for this shoot by practicing their character poses in a full length mirror for at least 20 minutes, and then played Glitter Force at the pool for two hours after it. They were disgruntled that I only made suits for three of the five members. Because, if we are already going to make three swimsuits, why not make all five swimsuits? That seems lazy. (direct quote🀦‍♀️) And they did put in requests for full on costumes for Halloween. We are hard core fans.

For these suits, I used two Violette Field Threads suits as my base, and deconstructed from there. For Glitter Spade (purple) and Glitter Diamond (blue) suits, I started with VFT's Catalina swimsuit. The purple got an asymmetrical neckline and color blocking, while the blue suit got ruffles at the neckline and a super cute gathered piece across the front. I debated making it a fun pocket, but then decided that it would only be full of sand and maybe would be better to be unattached. All the suits got big bows and sequin heart pins, which are on snaps for easier washing and in case anyone wants to go on the water slide!

The Glitter Heart suit (pink) started life as an Ophelia Leo from VFT. I re-drafted it to be off the shoulder, drafted an asymmetrical circle ruffle, and chopped it up for some fun color blocking as well. I didn't want to order half yards of seven different colors of swim fabric, aside from not knowing if all the different shades from different websites would coordinate! So I grabbed this awesome pearlized white fabric from JoAnn's in the Cosplay section, a few colors of RIT synthetic dye, and gave it a go! It was a little nerve wracking taking their suits off after playing two hours in the chlorine, but no one turned blue, pink or purple, and the colors are just as bright! That is a two thumbs up for RIT Synthetic dye from this designer. πŸ‘πŸ‘

As always, click through to my blog for lots more photos, ridiculous outtakes, and of course Glitter Force memes! πŸ˜„πŸ’•

And now it's your turn...use the voting widget below:

The designers scores are determined as follows: 
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