Monday, June 14, 2021

Käferlgschäft and Project Smooth Sorbet

 Finishing up our Project Smooth Sorbet tour fun is Christina of Käferlgschäft!

Isn't this the most fun?  I mean, how can you even stop smiling?  

Be sure to head over to Käferlgschäft for more sewing inspiration!

Here are direct links to the patterns she used:

Parfait Polo

Bacca Bootcuts

Thank you for all your support of this collection!

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Next up, we're going to share a couple more FUN things from the Project Smooth Sorbet pattern collection...see you soon!!

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Cut, Sip, Sew and Project Smooth Sorbet

 Today we're delighted to welcome Randi to the Project Smooth Sorbet party!  

Want to know a secret?  Randi sewed up almost every single pattern of the collection while is was being developed, helping test the patterns!  We asked her for her thoughts on the collection:

When I started seeing the sneak peeks of Project Sorbet, I knew I
wanted to make all of the pieces! I didn't quite get to all of them
but I did make a lot and now my kiddo has a robust summer wardrobe. I
love the versatility included in this collection and the theme is
super cute!

My husband and I are known to eat our pints of Ben and Jerry's after
bedtime while catching up on DVR shows. I prefer Chocolate Fudge
Brownie and he is a Half Baked fan. My kids really like any flavor
they can get, especially if it is covered in sprinkles!

Be sure to head over to Cut, Sip, Sew for more Project Smooth Sorbet fun.

Direct links to the patterns shown above:

Bacio Basic Tee

Sorbetto Swimsuit

Limone Lounge Set

See you tomorrow for more Project Smooth Sorbet collection fun!

Friday, June 11, 2021

Violets & Jewels and Project Smooth Sorbet

 We are delighted to have Rachel of Violets & Jewels join us for Project Smooth Sorbet!

So fun and colorful and on trend, right?!?  We asked Rachel for her thoughts on Project Smooth Sorbet:

What a perfect combination of bright colors and summer patterns. The girls wanted all the things sewed up for them because they loved the looks so much! 

Violet’s favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate. Evelyn’s favorite flavor of ice cream is cookie dough. My favorite ice cream is Chocolate Peanut Butter. 

Be sure to head over to Violets and Jewels for lots more fun!

Direct links to the patterns Rachel used:

Parfait Polo

Limone Lounge Set

Fragola Dress & Top

Bacca Bootcuts

See you tomorrow for more Project Smooth Sorbet collection fun!