Monday, February 7, 2011

Sponsor Feature- EmersonMade

I wanted to take a moment to show you guys something I'm REALLY excited about from our new sponsor EmersonMade. You guys may have heard of them from their beautiful women's clothes (I need a pair of bluebell jeans. Need. Unfortunately, husband doesn't agree.) or their super cute flower accessories, but they have just launched a new line- for babies and toddlers! Check these out.

How cute is this? I wanted to make something like this for Eden to wear on Valentine's Day, but maybe I'll just have to grab one of these before they sell out.

Or how about a high five over here shirt? Levi (my son, who is not nearly as featured as my daughter, sorry about that) is so excited to give anyone and everyone he sees a high five. This would be perfect for him.

Not only do they have onesies in 6-12 month and 12-18 month sizes, but they have great toddler tees too!

How about a Yes Horse! tee for your little girl or guy? The winner of Project Run&Play will be getting Yes Horse! tees for the whole family- a onesie, toddler tee, women's tee, and a men's tee! How fun!

Go visit EmersonMade and snatch up some cute tees for your kiddos- and maybe one for yourself while you're at it. :)

Don't forget today is the last day to vote for Vintage and Retro Designs! Poll closes at midnight CST.

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  1. Very cute!!! Love the Yes Horse tee! Any chance we can get this week's theme today too? Lol

  2. The kiddo clothes are adorable, but now you've got me lusting for those bluebell jeans too. Alas, my husband will probably agree with yours!


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