Monday, December 5, 2011

{Meet the Judges} The Designer's Judges

Hello!  I'm the madwoman behind no big dill, Katy Dill.  I'm the momma to 5 girlies and 1 baby boy.  I have a husband who not only puts up with my sewing chaos, but encourages it as well!  I am blessed.  I've been sewing since I can remember, but my only formal training was a couple classes in high school and one in college.  I love to create, help others create, and admire those who do.  I also love to create baked yums in the kitchen, music on the harp, and images with my lens.  But, when it really comes down to it, sewing is my passion.  Or choice of drug ;)

Shannon is a wife and also a stay-at-home mom to her 4 yr old daughter & baby girl, who is happily living a handmade life near the ocean dreaming of having her own book one day & getting over her fear of sewing zippers.  She's currently learning how to sew (and showing you how too), figuring out html (yuck - can we say headache!), crafting & knitting (when she has time), parenting (when her 4 year old isn't throwing tantrums), cooking (when she's not breastfeeding on the couch), keeping the dreaded laundry pile down (don't you just love laundry...not) and coffee in her system (definitely a necessity) all while sharing it with the world on her blog "luvinthemommyhood" - a fun, friendly neighborhood connecting crafty moms.  

Hello friends! I'm Dana from the site MADE. I'm a mom of two sweet kids living in the hot city of Austin, TX with my husband Casey. I love to sew, share, and mostly---I love to photograph....which means blogging is the perfect medley of my creative passions. And I'm blessed that I can do while being a stay-at-home mom. There are plenty of days when our house is a mess, nights when I get far too little sleep--and eat too many chocolate chip cookies at unsightly hours--but when you love what you do, some things just take a backseat. I'm excited to see what the designers come up with this session. Sewing for kids is currently my favorite type of stitching and I'm sure we'll be inspired with what you all share!

In addition to these three lovely ladies, we have guest judges lined up each week!

Here's Shannon's advice for the designers....

Take the best photos you can.  I know it's a sewing competition but honestly, let's face it, we're judging online here.  We can only see what you can show us :)   Enlist a friend to help you, look for creative places to photograph your entry or interesting styling to make them pop.  Make sure your photos are large, clear and bright.

I really care about the little details and workmanship that goes into each outfit.  I know you all will be spending precious hours working on these outfits and I want to be able to judge them carefully and with just as much care.  I always enlarge, zoom and try to look as closely at the images as much as I can.  So choose your pictures wisely, keep your writeup interesting and tell us about all the fabulous things you did/made/repurposed to make your creation. 

If something excited you while you were making the outfit we want to hear about it.  Photograph it.  Be creative and inspire us with your inspiration and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and WOW us with your talents!  I'm so excited to see what you will all come up with this season!  Happy sewing & creating!!!

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  1. A wonderful group of judges. All ladies I would really, really love to meet in person.

  2. I agree - a great group of ladies!!


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