Monday, January 30, 2012

Outerwear Winners and Special Occasion Announcements

This week has been crazy.
(Seriously crazy.)
But before we get to the some crazy news let's announce the winner of Week 4's Outerwear challenge.

The winner is......

Jessica from Running with Scissors with her super awesome Squadron Bomber Jacket.
The contruction on this coat is amazing!
Congratulations Jessica.  As our winner this week you will recieve $25 to The Fat Quarter Shop.
(One of the coolest fabric stores on the internet---they have mounds of fat quarters to choose from and who doesn't love piles of fat quarters?)

And now for some craziness...
All of you who joined us this week for the at home sew along were OUT OF CONTROL.  (Every week just gets better and better.)  There were so many beautiful and amazing things entered this week we ended up having a little problem---THERE WAS A 3 WAY TIE FOR THE WINNER!  (Honestly, I don't even know how the judges narrowed it down to only 3.)  But we actually ended up having to call in a 4th judge to choose the winner who is...

Montana chic with her darling purple and white damask coat.
(With coordinating muff and hat which she also made!)
So cute.

And for being our at home sew along winner she will recieve $25 to
A big gigantic thank you again to everyone who sewed along with us this week.  Your projects were brilliant and we love you for playing along with us. 

We can't wait to see what you will come up with for this week.

And speaking of this week...
(hold on tight, here comes some big crazy)

Late last night we had a huge surge in voting numbers on the poll.  After going over and over the numbers, making several conference calls to others for advice, and a marathon 4 hour phone call, the only thing that was very, very clear was--we both didn't feel good about sending anyone home.

So we made this week a NON-ELIMINATION ROUND.  (Phew....our consciences are eased.)

Please know that we went back and forth and around and around this issue.  It wasn't arrived at easily, but we feel it best.

So, as for next week....two of our friends will be leaving us.
2 people in one week---now that's going to be a difficult post to write, but we feel it's the only fair way.

But, on the bright side of this early Monday morning, all 5 of our lovely ladies are staying to play our Special Occasion/ Party Wear Challenge. 

What is "special occassion wear"?  It can be any outfit made to be worn on any special occasion---a birthday, a holiday, to a party, etc.  The possiblities are endless and we already know, so is all of your talent. 

We seriously can't wait to see what everyone will make!

{And yes, it IS that time of the morning...and neither of us has been to bed.  We are looking forward to a nap today....}

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  1. Montanachic is my very talented sister!! Love this contest! So fun to follow along :)

  2. Congratulations to Jessica... Her coat is Amazing... But I can see how you had a difficult time because all the other projects were Phenomenal.... Congratulations to Montana Chic... Her coat is Beautiful... Thank you again for all the FUN!!!

  3. Due to sickness, I didn't manage to finish my outerwear project. Sadly, it sits in pieces in my ottoman. But I am working on a fancy heirloom-type dress--matching ones, actually--that I hope to finish by Friday... They are based off a pattern, but due to the fact that the drafters of the patterns in question have totally lost their minds (they wanted 1/4 seam allowances. Active kiddos and 1/4 seam allowances just do not mix!) I pretty much had to redraft the entire thing, so it will bear little resemblance to the original pattern!

    These were supposed to be Christmas dresses, but I'd forgotten how hard is to sew with a baby in the house, and I didn't even get them cut out until last week!


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