Friday, March 30, 2012

Link Party

It's Friday, Friday, Friday, OHHH (my kids HATE when I start singing that song during carpool--I think it's kind of funny;)

And time for our Sewing Kids' Clothes LINKY PARTY!  We will have this week and next Friday of linky parties before Season 4 of Project Run and Play starts.  (Crowd cheering...)


because we truly do love you....we are giving you the WEEK ONE THEME of SEASON 4 today (yes! we really are!) so you can get started.  The entries will be due exactly two weeks from today in the flickr group.

The first theme is......PATTERN REMIX....of........DANA'S CIRCLE SKIRT TUTORIAL! It is a GREAT, simple, basic tutorial to use and the possibilities are going to be endless!

So, first link away and then start sewing (or thinking, or drafting, or sketching...whatever you do best!)

{Please remember}

Kids' Clothes sewn by you, linked up to a single post....and no round ups please?!  (Thanks.)

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  1. oh perfect. i was going to use the circle skirt for the girls easter dresses somehow. now i just need to think up a new design using it, hmm?

  2. Yippie for the first theme! I've been stalking the blog multiple times a day waiting to find out! ~Stephanie

  3. Hurray! And now I have a girl on the way to sew for and don't have to figure out how to make a circle skirt into something Vincent could wear!

  4. When do submissions for the sew along have to be posted by?

  5. The first round "Circle Skirt Remix" needs to be in the Flickr group by Friday, April 13th at 8 am. Can't wait to see what you have been sewing!

  6. Oh great! That's a relief. Thanks for responding so quickly!!


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