Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sew Along Judges---So Glad to Have Them

Our sew-along judges have what I think is the hardest job on Project Run and Play.

Every week they look through each of the individual designs that you upload to the Flicker group and then select and score their top picks. 
Talk about pressure!

The talent, craftsmanship, and variety of aesthetic perspectives we've seen in the Flicker group has been greater than we ever expected.  Which has made selecting a weekly winner a very difficult task.  (But has made each week of the sew along fun, inspiring, and something to look forward to.)

Fortunately, we have these ladies who thoughtfully review all the designs and decide for us which sew along participant will receive the weekly prize.  

If you haven't met them yet here are our judges:

Jessica from Me Sew Crazy 

Alida from  I Make Stuff

Micalah from Out of Eden 

and because the competition has been so tough we've added one more awesome lady to our panel---

Lindsay from The Cottage Home.
(And if you've followed PR&P for any amount of time then you already know how much we love her.)

We are so glad to have these women.  The time and thought that they put into each weeks scoring is very much appreciated and we can't wait to put them to work.  (Again.)

PS---While the at home sewing along doesn't officially start until Season 4 (which will be on April 9th) we will be announcing all the themes for Season 4 soon so that you can have a bit of a head start on your designing!

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  1. im so glad we will know the themes a little ahead of time. fabric shopping up here is sparse and i cannot wait to start sewing! oh and i love that picture of jessica. she makes me chuckle every time i see it:)

    1. aww - thanks Christina! It is so hard trying to take a self portrait, I was just happy to have one come out! Lol. You know me and my fabric :)

  2. I am so excited for it to start again! And all of the judges are so talented


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