Monday, April 16, 2012

Project Run and Play Week #2-- Results and Sportswear

Hello Everybody!  
Mondays are always busy days around here during the competition so let's get right to work.

We'll start with the results from last weeks Pattern Remix Challenge.

After combining our lovely judges scores and the reader's votes,

our WINNER is......

A Little Gray with her Piece by Piece Chevron Skirt!

Congrats Jessica!  The piecing work is simply gorgeous!

And sadly, after combining said results, we are losing Mandy from Sugar Bee.  
Her circle swing top is darling for summer.  We'll all be watching her blog for the tutorial soon!  It will surely be on lots of sewing lists....

It is always hard to lose one of our designers......but this season Mandy is luckily not leaving us empty-handed.  
She will receive a $25 gift certificate to  

Thanks to Mandy for sharing your fun and creative sense of style with us!

And now for our Sew Along Winner.......

.....which is Jessica from My Inner Need to Create!  
Her skirt is all pieced as well 
(at first glance it looks like the fabric is made that way----what a compliment to her skills)!

Congrats Jessica, you are receiving a $25 gift certificate to to choose some lovely fabric!

And because the judges (and we) had so many favorites we are doing a round-up of more pattern-remixes over at Simple Simon and Co today!  We had over 60 people sew along....and with so many inventive projects that we highlighted a few.  (Although we wanted to do even more!)

And now for Week #2: It's Sportswear Week!

We can't wait to see what the designers and all of you come up with for Sportswear. 

Which we think is absolutely PERFECT for children's wear!

 Because of it's broader meaning (easy to wear, comfortable, washable) we know we are going to see some extremely CREATIVE (and fantastic all at the same time) results! 

We can't wait for Friday!  
But in the mean we will have our guest judges tomorrow (a clue---there are two) combined with a winner's tutorial and another giveaway for one of you also this week.  So, be sure to check back everyday because you don't want to miss a thing!

Remember that our Sew Along entries need to be entered into the Flickr by this Friday, April 20th at 8 am MST.

Happy Monday!

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  2. Love the Superhero skirt!!! So much fun!!!

  3. Yeah, that superhero skirt is serious business. I think she might have spent more hours than me :)

  4. yeah, I need that superhero skirt for my niece. Off to the fabric store! Awesome job!!

  5. Thanks for all the great comments and thanks to the sew along judges for choosing my superhero dress! I am so excited for this next week! I gotta go finish my outfit....

  6. Is it ok if we do a different interpretation of sportswear and do athletic wear? *embarrassed blush*

  7. Great winners and great entries this week. :) Congrats!!!

  8. I want to do this weeks theme but I am SO anxious about it. Sportswear is sooo broad D:


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