Friday, May 18, 2012

Time to Vote! Week #6 Signature Looks

Kiki and Company--- Whimsically Wishing
If I had to describe my signature style with words it would be bold with whimsy. I love making interchangeable pieces with new color combinations, bold patterns and lots of little details that make the outfit come alive. I wanted to make an outfit this week that embodied all of these things and was so happy with how it all came together. The first piece I finished was the chevron top. The color combination was something that I have loved for awhile, so I made my own chevron fabric and it was the springboard for the rest of the outfit. Just looking at it makes me smile! I added a simple ruffle sleeve to soften the bold chevron pattern. I love the slight flair of the swing top which helps it not only look good with these sweet shorts, but could also see it look so amazing with some skinny jeans. The shorts have deep pockets (a must for my daughter who loves to carry small things around with her always), ruffles, pink piping and a 3 button detailing that just finished them off! Of course, one of my favorite parts about dressing my daughter, and this applies to everyday as well, are the details! Here I added a 3 flower brooch, gold glittered boots, lacy boot socks, gold bracelets and some gold detailing and feathers in her hair. As we went to take pictures of the outfit, my daughter grabbed a dandelion and blew off the seeds to make a was so magical and made me so happy that it was caught in a picture.
To finish it all off, I also made a cute little bolero jacket that added just a bit of sophistication to this playful outfit. The ruffles and pink piping next to the green just pop and give some interesting detail to the back of the outfit, as well as adding some femininity to it! Sewing has been such a blessing for me in my life. It has allowed me to make pieces that I otherwise couldn't afford, but also has given me a chance to add all the little details that you just cannot buy on an outfit from a store. When I had my daughter, I knew my sewing skills would improve drastically, and they have... thanks to a girl who loves new clothes frequently and thanks to a mom who loves to dress her!:)
When I was asked to be on this season of Project Run and Play, I was scared out of my boots, but I am now SO happy that I said yes! SO often in life, it is those times that I am most uncomfortable that make me grow and develop the most...and that certainly has been the case here. I have made new friendships and have felt so much support from you, and am so thankful for it! Don't forget to come on by Kiki and Company to see ALL of the details, grab your paper dolls and get a free print (the medium I am most comfortable sharing!).

A Little Gray--Small Town Summer
I don't think I knew what my signature look was before competing in Project Run & Play. I kinda knew what I liked, and I definitely knew what I didn't like, but I never thought of myself as being a designer that had my very own defined style. Nothing like 6 intense weeks of eating, sleeping, and breathing children's clothing to help you figure that out. First and foremost, my style is wearable. It's real, easy, comfortable and practical clothing. Nothing fussy or over the top, just clothes for running and playing in.  Second, my designs are bold and stylish. I take a lot of inspiration from pop culture and the world of grown-up fashion. But it still looks like it belongs on a child. To me, it's a wonderful challenge to translate modern trends into something that is perfectly sweet and young. Using unexpected combinations of fabrics and design elements is probably my favorite part of designing. Lastly, my style is crafty. I feel like that word can have negative connotations when it comes to fashion, but there is really no other way to put it. I like using details that take a lot of extra care and time. Whether it's piecing fabric together, painting on it, manipulating it in a new way, or carefully hand stitching on it, it's important to me that my craftsmanship really shows when you take a closer look.

So this week I created two looks which I think embody all those things. The first is a simple bright dress using bits of a great new fabric line called Summersville by Lu Summers. It has a patchwork yoke, which I pieced into a point in the front and a curve around the back, joined by red buttons at the shoulders. The teal blue bodice is gathered under the yoke and then twirls out to a full circle skirt in beautiful textured linen. I added appliqu├ęs of small town scenes from the prints in that same line all the way around the hem, and echoed the doodle-y feel of the designs in my red stitching around each one. You can follow the squiggly red line all the way around the sweet little town. Of course, I had to sew for my boy Hendrix as well this week, because that's kinda my thing too. I made him a comfy knit muscle tee in heather red and gray, with a pocket I hand stitched on in black perle cotton. The shorts are made from a super-hip vintage sheet that I was elated to find. The triangle design and bold colors are just too perfect, and I'm pretty happy with how I matched up the large print at the seams to keep it looking continuous all the way around the shorts. 

Thanks to all of you for following along and supporting this amazing competition- I've had a blast! Come over to A Little Gray to hear more about my favorite sources of inspiration, and of course loads more photos.

CP--Mini Maxi
 So happy to be here in the competition! This final challenge was a great opportunity for me to really think about what my signature style is. I have specific tastes (I know what I like), but I couldn't fit my style into any specific category. So I started thinking about why I create and where my inspiration comes from. I am always inspired by what fashionable women are wearing, even though I am creating for my four-year-old. I usually see something I like in women's fashion and then create a "mini" version for Drew. Hence, my look this week is a Mini Maxi.  
 On my blog I have listed my steps (a tutorial of sorts) for creating mini fashion. Check it out for all the specifics. This Mini Maxi features a fun polka dot fabric, which I love to use along with other geometric prints like stripes, plaids, and checks. My signature style is more of a structured look with button bands, collars, and sleeves. I also like to add something special to my creations, like the hand embroidered yellow zig-zag pattern of dots. Sometimes I like to try unconventional materials like this white cutout fabric I used for the little cropped cardi. Read my steps for creating mini fashion to see how you too can create mini fashion... without a pattern! Because I wanted to go out with a bang for my final week of the competition, there are some great accessories with this look. First is the mustard yellow stretchy knit rosette belt. It is made with elastic and an easy clasp. It can be worn with so many things. I made a stretchy yarn ball bracelet out of wooden beads wound about in yarn. I also took an old pair of shoes and transformed them into these amazing summer sandals. I included a mini-tutorial for the sandals on my blog as well!
I am so glad to have been a part of Project Run and Play this season! Thank you!

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  1. Great job ladies! Your talent is so inspiring!

  2. Everyone did a great job! I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with the clothes...or the ability to get these little kids to model so nicely! ;)

  3. ♥ Thanks for all the inspiration...I can't wait to try making some yellow strappy sandals using CP's tutorial!!!!!!

  4. You are so amazingly talented! Loving it!

  5. Incredible season and amazing signature looks!! Good job, ladies! You should be very proud of all that you have accomplished. Now, rest up!!

  6. We really have to choose??? This is the hardest vote yet. LOVE all of them!!

  7. This is probably the hardest pick yet! Great job ladies. Such fun ideas

  8. Is it bad that I want CP's mini maxi foe myself?


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