Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sew Along Rules

Most of you know the drill but for any of you new comers we're going to go over the sew along rules.
Here we go.
What's the sew along group?
The sew along group is for anyone who wants to sew along with the contestants and make their own designs to share. 
We post the weekly themes so that you know what the challenge is each week for the contestants.  That way you can sew along with any or all the weeks that interest you!
Then you share your design with us, the judges, and all the other ladies sewing along.
(And the sharing is THE BEST part...our Flickr group has some of the nicest/coolest ladies in all of between reading all of their comments and seeing every one's work the sew along group is definitely a highlight of each season's competition.)
Where do those who sew along share their designs?
In the Flicker group.
(See over there on the right hand side of the page, underneath the Followers where it says Flickr in fancy blue letters?  Well, click on that and you'll see loads of creative work from previous sew alongs.)
All you do is upload your photo to the Flickr group with a caption that tells us about it. 
(Like which week/challenge it is for, any details and/or link to your blog with more photos and details.)
Oh...and please no more than 2 photos in the Flickr group per weekly design.
When do I share my designs?
You can begin uploading them when ever you like (we announced the weekly themes for Season 5 yesterday) but it's fun to have them uploaded during the week of each particular challenge.  (It also makes it easier for the judges to have all of the entries for week 1 in one spot and so forth.)
Why are their judges for the sew along group?
Because each week we give a prize to one of our sew along ladies!
(Just make sure if you want to be entered that you have your design uploaded into the Flickr group by 8am MST on the Friday morning of that week to be eligible.)
Our 4 great judges (see the sidebar to your left for the list) look over every one's entry's and vote for their favorite.  Then we announce the winner of the sew along (and their prize) on Monday morning.
Ok, I think that is everything...
If not, email or leave a comment and we'll do our best to answer!
See you tomorrow with a fun little giveaway!

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  1. Hoping to sew along again! Not sure if I will be able to cause I'm 4 months pregnant (eek!) and it's been awful so far! ~Stephanie

  2. On our last blog post (, we were singing the praises of the Project Run and Play sew-along community. These ladies are AWESOME! Everyone leaves such sweet comments, you can't help but get a bit obsessed with the challenges, styles, etc. before it is said and done...

  3. I am SO EXCITED. Cleaning my studio right now so that I have a nice big space to work in!

  4. OK, SO exciting! I can't wait to sew along. I'm already dreaming up ideas... Yay!

  5. I have a probably very stupid question: If season 5 starts Monday the 10th, do we have until 8am Friday the 14th to upload the images to the flicker stream for the first week's challenge? Or is it the friday before? I just don't want to mess up the timing ;op

  6. I recently found your blog and I think I am going to try to do the sew along challenges. I am new to sewing clothes (but not new to crafting) and I am excited for the challenge. I even started a blog so I can post what I make. Thanks for making this fun for everyone!


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