Thursday, February 21, 2013

Announcements! Announcements! Announcements!

So Monday when I said we would be posting announcements and the upcoming schedule on Tuesday I meant it. 
 (I really did!)
But then I totally got sidetracked emailing out prizes, sending emails, geeking out over my excitement about Allstars, sewing some new projects, and anyways, you don't care. 
The point is I got sidetracked and then this morning I got an email from Max asking when I was going to make the announcements.
Umm....two days ago...
...I'm a little behind schedule...
Let's make up for that right now.
(We've got many things to talk about!)
First of all ALL STARS!!!
I can't quit nerding out about how fun this is going to be.
In case you missed line up of designers, here it is again:
From Season 1
Shauna from Shwin and Shwin
From Season 2
Jen and Autie from iCandy
Jessica from Happy Together
From Season 3
Kate from See Kate Sew
Stef from Girl.Inspired.
And if you want to read about how the All Stars Season came to be and how Project Run and Play has evolved you can read all about that HERE in this post.  As for right now we just want to announce a few things about the All Stars Season:
 These ladies really are a great group.  Aside from being mad seamstresses they are also just plain cool.  This next season (as Shauna put it) is going to be more like a 4 week sewing party than a competition.  Which really is true---there will be some twists and turns (just like in Project Runway)--that will make it different than any other season and it really will be like a 4 week sewing party.
One of those twists it that this season NO ONE WILL BE GOING HOME!!!
That's right all 6 of these ladies will be with us to the very end!
So, what are the other twists?
I can't tell.
Ok...maybe I can.  Just one more...
This season the ladies have put together an Instagram group to share their behind the scenes, works in progress photos!  (I told you---this is going to be fun!)
So if you are an Instagrammer you can find them using
this hashtag #PRAPALLSTARS
Alright---so that is 2 secrets. 
I better not talk about All Stars anymore or I'm liable to tell you everything.
But before I move on I should tell you that all the fun for the upcoming season will begin on March 13th when we announce the weekly themes and begin the Designers Interviews.
(The official first day of the Season will be Monday, March 25th.)
Now while we are waiting for next season we aren't just going to sit around and do nothing!
We have something exciting planned that will begin this Monday morning.
It involves a friend, a pattern remix, a party, and a prize.
And if you want to know all about it come back tomorrow.
(Really, tomorrow, I promise this time...)
OH!!! And tomorrow we have a gift for all of you from one of our sponsors so look for that as well!
(Tomorrow...not 2 days from now...)
See you all then!

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  1. MARCH 13 is so far away!!!!!!!

  2. But I've been LOVING watching the girls on IG. So excite :D

  3. I think the next twist should be that the season actually starts this Monday! Can't wait to watch these gals all compete week to week. Gonna be fantastic.

  4. I have #prapallastars fever! I am crazy excited about this :)

  5. EXCITING!!!!! I can't wait - oh no, actually, I can, because I have a lot to do!!!

  6. more thing i am missing out on:) i cannot wait to begin this season! they are going to be great!

  7. I am SO excited! I can't wait to see the themes!

  8. ok - I'm going to show my computer illiteracy - can I NOT join instagram from a real computer???? I keep trying to download it and it says I don't have a device ;op I wanna see all the behind the scenes images!!!
    It all sounds amazing and I can't wait!!!

  9. So excited!!!!!!!

    @Suzanne… I think you have to have a smart phone for the instagram thing…. sadly, I do not own one because I am a Flinstone. So, I am with you not being able to participate in that realm, lol!

  10. Yea for announcements!! 1) SO VERY EXCITED that no one will be going home (this could become addicting...) and 2) We're with ajaire and have #prapallstars fever (although we are so stinking new at this whole instagram thing...we don't know half of its capabilities)!

  11. So exciting...but so long to wait. And I hear you about the smartphone thing. I too live in the stone ages, but fear that if I actually did have a smartphone, I would become addicted to instagram...that would be so my thing.
    I do have a question/suggestion though, would it be possible to have a round up of what former contestants have done? I know you link to their blogs on the Past Season page, but as I tell new people about PR&P they say they would love to be able to look at past seasons and what people have done, not just at their blog and who they are.

    1. I agree! I started watching PRP after a lot of these gals competed and I would love to see a recap.

  12. I'm stalking now cause I'm so excited to find out more!!! And yes, I'm like the rest of you and don't have a smart phone either. ;/ I'll still love every second of everything else though! :D


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