Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winner's Tutorial: A Heart-Shaped Lapel

One item of business today that we need to share.  Project Run and Play has a new facebook page.  The old one will be deleted soon(ish) but we would love for you to join us at the new PR&P page HERE!

Also, today we have Maria from La Inglesita sharing with us her lapel tutorial from her winning look last week.  Thanks Maria....

I´m so happy that you chose my look as your favourite this week! I don´t have to say (again) how much work and effort each of us put into our designs but this heart detail in particular, gave me a hard time. I´m still not entirely happy with it but I´ll tell you why at the end of the tutorial.

Here´s how to draft your own heart shaped lapel
STEP 1, trace the bodice front on a folded piece of tissue paper as shown in the picture. It´s best if you DO NOT include seam allowances at this stage. The heart shape will be visible when the coat is closed (with 3 hook and eye closures sewn to the back), so the centre line of the bodice is the centre line of the heart.
STEP 2, Mark the centre of the heart shape in the centre line of the bodice front.
STEP 3, Draw your half heart shape
STEP 4, Redraw the neckline with a smooth curve.
STEP 5, Trace the half heart silhouette on to the other side of the folded tissue paper.
STEP 6, Unfold and add seam allowances. You can now draft your facing.
Enjoy your heart shaped lapel!
Brief sewing instructions:
- cut out 2x front pieces in and 2x facings accurately.
- Assemble the coat and sew facings as usual notching and clipping into the centre of the heart.
- Turn right side out and press like a million times to get two identical heart pieces.
- Fold lapels and slipstitch to the bodice to secure in place.
- Sew two hook and eye closures to the inside so that the coat can wear closed.

Now, my lapels would flap and fall down all the time. I thought it was because I made the coat in a light gabardine that didn´t retain the shape at all but I just couldn´t figure out what was wrong. I had to make a running stitch all around the line of the heart lapel to stabilise it a bit (which I now like), until I found the problem but sadly it was too late. I had forgotten to add interfacing to the facing!!!!! 

Will see you on Friday!

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  1. Lovely, your instruccions was very clear!!

  2. such a nice coat!!

    Bravo por María!

  3. Me gusta mucho! Y se entiende perfectamente, aún sin entender inglés...

  4. I love the heart lapel...thanks for the tutorial.

  5. This is soooo cute! And for a little less pressing time you could prepare a cardbord heart shape to insert in your lapel while pressing. In this case, you need to do the pressing before all seams are closed... ;)
    Lots of love from the other side of the world!

    1. That´s a fantastic and clever tip! I´ll definitely try it next time.
      Thank you Juliane

  6. Great tutorial! The heart is so cute

  7. Toma ya!! precioso efecto en la solapa, me maravilla!
    bss campeona!

  8. Thank you maria! it's lovely!

  9. Me encanta gracias por el tutorial

  10. Te iba a pedir que lo tradujeras, pero visualmente está tan bien que no es necesario, se entiende perfectamente; y sirve para cualquier otra forma que le quieras dar !!!

  11. This is soooo adorable! What's more, for somewhat less squeezing time you could set up a cardbord heart shape to embed in your lapel while squeezing.


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