Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's All in the Details

Just a few carefully placed details can change the look of an entire outfit. 
(Taking clothing from drab and ordinary to something special and extraordinary!)
And let's face it details are fun to's like the icing on the cake!
There are so many details that can be added it would be impossible to list them all.  So, today we just rounded up a few of our favorite detail oriented tips, trick, and tutorials to share.
(Just click on the links below each picture to get all the information for that
Hope you enjoy!
(And when your done scroll down to the link party in the post below...some really beautiful work has been submitted this week!)



These are just a very few ideas for adding details.  But there are so very many more.
What are your favorite details to add?

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  1. I love adding tucks, pleats, and embroidery. I think the first two give a really clean detailed look & embroidery can bump anything up to the next level plus it's so versatile. Match the colors and you have subtle detail, contrasting thread makes it pop. SOOOO much fun!!

  2. I like to play around with pleats, and buttons... but just like you said, there are so many details we can add. =)

  3. Oh, oh, oh!!! The cabbage patch embroidery just made me so happy :)

  4. I add lace ribbon to almost everything i make. adds such a sweet touch to girly garments!


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