Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Add a QR Code to a Garment

Hi all! We're thrilled to share a little 'trick of the trade' with you that we just learned how to do, and see boundless possibilities for it!  The concept all began as we sewed along during Project Run & Play's "All Star" season - specifically during the "All About the Details" challenge. You see, we had a little trouble making a detail {adding a functional QR code to an outfit} work as we planned....and after three attempts, FINALLY landed on a method to accomplishing a detailed, distinct image transfer. 

How about a little image transfer using.....wait for it.....a copy machine??
We used Elegance & Elephant's new Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern as our starting point.

You will need the following supplies:
freezer paper, fabric for transfer, iron, copy machine, and of course, your design.
Step-by-step tutorial:
1. Cut freezer paper into 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.
2. Iron the shiny side of the freezer paper onto the wrong side of the fabric being used.
3. Cut the fabric to fit the pre-cut freezer paper.
4. Determine images to be printed on the fabric. This artwork {downloadable here} was created by tracing and piecing the images together using Adobe Illustrator. We chose to make the width of the pockets narrower in hopes of seeing the fish image more clearly, as well as fit it on a standard 8.5x11" sheet of paper.
5. Print images from a copier, directly to the fabric backed with freezer paper.
6. Peel freezer paper from the printed fabric.
7. Use a hot iron to press and set the fabric image.
*This completes the image transferring to fabric....
however, we will continue on with completing our 'look' for this outfit.
Embellish selected designs as much {or as little} as desired.
We chose to add a few French knots as textured scales to the larger fish,
and straight-stitched fish bubbles {filled, circular areas} on the small fishes.
Sheer fabric was layered and stitched on top, giving the fish the appearance
of being in a fishbowl....or at least that is what we intended and aspired to do!
Add elastic casing, as specified in the pattern instructions.
Attach 'fishbowl' pockets to the shorts, as specified in the pattern instructions.
This creates a subtle detail, worth doing a double take to catch
{albeit extremely difficult to photograph}!
Voila! Pair it with Elegance & Elephant's Ruffle Top {minus the ruffle}, and you've got a fishy outfit - perfect for warm summer days, or a beach trip in the making!!
Since we couldn't justify a beach trip for photos {that would be one expensive and
long road trip....all in the name of blogging}, we opted to enjoy a warm 'summery' day.

A fountain seemed to suffice for the lull of the ocean waves....
{at least momentarily} as EA kicked back, relaxed, and enjoyed her milk.
She then took a stroll on the boardwalk....ummm, fountain's all relative, right?
Tossled her hair for a little 'wind blown' beach effect...
And finally humored the photographer in choosing a location that
she wanted to get her picture made....a lamppost....that actually worked out for us!
What a ham!
Inspired to sew Elegance & Elephant's Bubble Pocket Shorts?? Head on over to our blog
for your chance to win --- and, FYI: there's more than one pattern waiting to be won!
May the odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. Very clever! And the shorts are so sweet!

  2. So cute! I love the fishbowl effect on the pockets!

  3. OMG ladies!!! Simply genius with those fish bowl pockets!!!

  4. So apropos...bubble shorts blowing bubbles and just so cute!

  5. I am loving those pockets! Such a clever, cute idea.

  6. Oh my Gosh! This is so cool!!

  7. Thanks all! We've thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you on PR&P today....

  8. I am no seamstress but love popping into your blog just to admire yur work that pocket looked so lovely. It could almost be added to jazz up a pair of store bought jeans or shorts thank you very clever

  9. Those are so CUTE! And who would have thought of using a copy machine.

  10. Ladies,
    How does the copy "printed fabric" hold up in the wash? Have you tried it on knits? Does the fabric type...cotton, polyester, rayon... matter when you print the design onto the fabric? I'm just asking as I am seriously considering trying this idea out myself.

    1. It has held up thus far (on both outfits shown)....just heat set it well once it is completed. The QR code was done on white pique and the shorts were made from a linen material. I would think cotton would work well, but am unsure about the others mentioned. We had a little difficulty with matching the printed ink color on colored fabric. So, we'd prefer to stick with white next time. Ultimately, we'd like to use it as a template for embroidery or as a painting template. Either way, it would be soooo helpful in guiding the embellishing process....

  11. Amazing! Super cute!!! I love the outfit and I really love what you did with the pockets. I'm almost tempted to try it out myself (not that brave usually). :)

    1. GO! GO! GO! This is sooooo manageable :) - you've got this!!

  12. That is so stinkin cute!
    I love it! thanks for sharing

  13. That's adorable!

  14. Ladies those pockets are amazing! You've made me love the bubble shorts even more. Great job


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