Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Skirting the Issue: Duffle Bags

The other day I was looking around the internet and reading more information about foster care when I ran across this:
"If you have ever seen a child who has been taken into foster care carrying all their
belongings from place to place, you probably noticed that their suitcase is usually a

GARBAGE BAG. Their world has been turned upside down and they drag around what
they have left in a GARBAGE BAG, probably a visual expression of exactly how they feel

about themselves. The State of Utah averages 2700 foster children (children in custody)
at any given time, with 1200 more coming in each year.

Our goal is to eliminate GARBAGE BAGS as an acceptable form of luggage for these
children whose lives have been disrupted. If we all pull together we can reach this goal.
A simple Duffle Bag to carry their possessions could have a significant impact on these
children. It is an easy and quick sewing project whether you are a beginner or
experienced sewer."
Why hadn't I thought about this before???
I don't know.  It seems so obvious.
The link to this article and the tutorial for how to make suitable duffle bags can be found here:
(Its on one of the pages in the Division of Child and Family Services site.)
Duffle bags...what a great idea...I know what we will spend a week on next year...but if you'd like to make and donate some for this year, please do!  It really is such a fantastic idea.

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  1. wow, i never would have thought of that either.

  2. Fantastic idea! Cute sheets could crank out a big batch of these. Come to think of it, I have a fitted sheet that I bought as a set to use the flat sheet for a quilt back. I 'm sure by removing the elastic it could be flattened out to get at least four bags from this pattern


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