Monday, September 9, 2013

Season 7 Begins Today......

Today is the day we have been waiting is the day to begin Season 7 of Project Run and Play!  And we love to begin each of our seasons with a fantastic pattern remix.  

For this season we chose Oliver + S's Popover Sundress Pattern which is available free on their blog!  You can download it HERE and there is still plenty of time to sew along with the designers.

The Popover Sundress is a loose-fitting, A-line sundress that features a contrast yoke with bias ties at the shoulder. 
And it even comes with a matching Doll Dress that you will need for sure! Perfect for a pattern remix.

We have changed the format of PR&P  to fit more in seasons, more designers and more sew-alongs in each calendar year. (Hip, hip hooray!!!) So, let me give you a little head's up of how the new seasons will run.

On Mondays we will announce the theme and then open the linky party for you to add your sew-along creations into the mix.  That linky party will close Thursday evenings....and then all of your creations will be turned over to the judges for voting.  We will announce the winner of the Sew-Along portion on Friday mornings.

Then on Tueday (yes...tomorrow) we will showcase the designer's look and the voting will open (set your DO NOT want to miss tomorrow's looks) and will remain open until Thursday night at 8 pm MST.  Then the winner and the parting contestant will be announced on Friday morning just like the sew-along winner.

The only other change is that the seasons are switching from 6 weeks to 4 weeks......

We hope that it will give more opportunities for lots more designers to join in the fun and to keep us all sewing for our little ones----since that is the goal of this project!

And now I will quit babbling and open the linky party!  Since, that's why you are here, right?

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  1. Hi ladies, I haven't been able to reach you via email, but I have the blog post you had requested all ready for you! Please let me know how you want it. Or do you prefer that we post it on our blog and you can just link to it?

  2. i am so excited to finally sew along again! nothing too inventive but two new dresses for the girls. how are you girls doing?

  3. I'm addicted, every day, I have to check to see what else has popped-up. I'm loving the creativity of everyone. Thanks for letting us "play along". xoxo Grandma

  4. Checking back in after I submitted my link with an hour to spare (#76), and happy to see I was in such good company with other down to the wire seamstresses! We did it!

  5. ok so I'm new at this...just stumbled over this don't even remember how...but this is so it too late to join in the sewing creativity fun? I have no clue how to blog, I tried to make one but don't think I'm doing it right...but anyways love this :)


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