Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Candy Inspired Challenge--Time to Vote!!!!

We are so excited to show you the designers' looks this week.  As you will remember, we are all about the candy for this week's challenge!  Please scroll down to see all the designs that each of our designers has spent hours creating.  We adore what they have done...and we know that you are going to have a hard time choosing!  The voting is at the bottom of the post and the poll is one vote per computer/IP address. 

Thank you again to each of our designers for putting yourselves out there each week.  It takes guts and a whole lotta love of sewing childrenswear to participate in Project Run and Play, and we appreciate all of the time and inspiration that each of you give to us each week.

And a big thank you to YOU ALL for leaving them so much love and positivity in the comments. We have the best readers!!

Now, let's get on to each of the looks......

Sewing Like Mad--All Wrapped Up

At first I was a 'deer in headlights' when I realized that week 2 had a candy theme. But suddenly I thought of this amazing neon fluorescent vinyl I bought like 6 months ago. Ding! Candy wrapping paper. Well, I hope I am not the only one who thinks of candy wrapping paper when I see this vinyl!?
I always meant to sew rain jackets with the vinyl and here you have it.
I used the Oliver + s Secret Agent Trench Coat pattern as a base and basically changed all the details. I will tell you all about it on my own blog.

I also made a lollipop sweatshirt from a self drafted pattern. I had to put some color blocking in there, right!
And to finish of the outfit I made some super comfortable 21 wale corduroy slouchy pants in this beautiful soft baby pink color.
The pants have pleats in the front, side pockets with a decorative buttoned flap and back welt pockets also with buttons to keep them in place. A waistband with adjustable elastic, a tapered leg and a fixed fold up at the end of the trouser leg. This is a classic shape and the pattern is self drafted but I have realized I could just have used Figgy's Patterns Banyan Trousers. How I realized? That is a funny little story that I will give you on my own blog.
Please go to Sewing Like Mad for tons more of info and photos.
Thank you!

Sumo's Sweet Stuff--Ribbons and Ruffles

Ribbons & Ruffles - www.sumossweetstuff.com #sewing
I’m so excited to be back this week to share another look with you! All of the designs from last week were amazing, don’t you think? So the theme this week is candy. Since candy is sweet and sometimes decadent, I decided to go with a dress that is sweet and decadent: Ribbons & Ruffles was born out of my love for all things sweet and traditional ribbon candy. I love drop waist dresses, and thought that would be the perfect look for this dress. Ribbon candy equates into ruffles for me, so I figured a fun bustle should be in the back, made to look like ribbon candy with vertical ruffles instead of horizontal ruffles. With the bustle, I knew the skirt couldn’t be too full. The front of the dress was meant to be more plain so that there wasn’t so much going on everywhere, but I ended up having a bit of fun with the sleeves using this tutorial for rose sleeves from Julia Bobbin; they give a little interest to the front of the dress without being too busy. I also decided to add a corset in back to use more contrasting color and ribbon.
Ribbons & Ruffles - www.sumossweetstuff.com #sewing
In my mind, this was going to be a dressier dress, and I thought taffeta would be a great fabric to work with. I like that it is a bit more firm and holds shape. It is perfect for everything, especially the sleeves! Those babies took a long time to put together, but come on….isn’t it worth it? The taffeta really helps hold the shape of the sleeves ruffles, giving them a nice full look. The ruffles of ribbons in the bustle were made out of strips of taffeta hemmed on each side, with a piece of ribbon sewn down the middle. I layered a piece of taffeta over the bustle so that they would be peeking out. Since the dress is full of so many details, I decided to put my daughter’s hair up so that it wouldn’t take away from the dress. I made a sock bun, and then braided some ribbon into her hair to crown the bun. It is the perfect touch! In our house full of girls, you can bet this dress of ruffles, ribbons, and pink is a hit!
Ribbons & Ruffles - www.sumossweetstuff.com #sewing
Come on over to Sumo’s Sweet Stuff to see more pictures and details of my Ribbons and Ruffles dress.

Lexi Made--Almond Joy Inspired

I'm so excited to be able to share with you my creation for week 2 of Project Run and Play! The candy I chose as my inspiration is one of my favorites, Almond Joy! I love anything coconut! Not only do I love the taste but I love the blue and white color combination of the wrapper. I also find it very fitting that once you open the wrapper out pops two little twin Almond Joys!! Perfect for my twin daughters. One of my goals for this competition was to end up with a fashionable yet wearable fall wardrobe that with a little layering could transition into winter. I had a few ideas for this week but after sketching some and actually making some I just decided it was too costume like for me and didn't represent my style. I am so happy with the design I ended up with though!

To represent the blue and white wrapper I used a chiffon blue and white polka dot material. Since the chiffon is sheer I lined the romper with a solid blue fabric. I also made an elastic waist and four button closure at the back and then added three pintucks down the front for some detail. As a little accessory I sewed some blue elastic to a bow shaped belt buckle to make a little belt. To make the bubble skirt I also lined it with the solid blue material and used elastic for the waist. I made a little tank top to go along with the skirt and used the blue chiffon material for the collar and then added a little button closure to the front. To represent the coconut center of the candy I used a cream textured knit to make a cardigan for the romper and a sweater for the skirt. I just love this fabric and think the texture works so well with the light chiffon. I think both outfits are great for the fall season and paired with some stockings they will work for the colder months too.

To see more photos and details of my Almond Joy inspired outfits head over to my blog HERE. Thanks for looking everyone!

Emma & Mona--Sweet Butterfly
I'm so excited because the second theme is so amusing: CANDY.  It stimulates creativity.
I'm showing you a combination of tough and playful with this butterfly- shirt for Emma in bright candy colors.
She wears this shirt on skinny trousers. A very 90's look, isn't it?

 The shirt pattern is very easy to draw yourself.  I used a normal t-shirt to design this one. I drew the curve between the bottom of the shirt and the lower side of the sleeve.  I divided the pattern into 4 pieces and cut them out in colourful fabrics.  I had to use special tape in order for the fabric seams to remain nice and flat and not wobbly.
 The bottom hem is made of stripes, like a little narrow skirt.  The collar is made of a rectangular piece of jersey.  I closed the smaller sides and then I stitched the collar to the neckline.  The whole collar was assembled with the addition of a few pleats.

You're welcome to visit my blog for more pictures and plan b :-)  emmaenmona.blogspot.com

Caila Made--Candy Button Baby

I'm a big fan of all things vintage for little boys and old fashioned candy, so I put the two together this week for my 1950's inspired Candy Button Baby! I'll go over all the elements really quickly, and then you can head to my blog for more photos and details. The Suspender Slacks my son is wearing were drafted from his measurements. I love the contrast of the two fabrics in the front, and of course the front slash pockets were a must. I used a camel colored twill for the main fabric, and seersucker for the contrasting fabric. The suspenders are my favorite part of this outfit! I created the design myself, and they snap to the front and back of the pants with real leather tabs and plastic cloth diaper snaps. Perfect for a little boy! This way, his pants don't slip down his diaper like usual AND he looks like a little 1950's heart throb. 
The Candy Button Tie is the center of this outfit and was inspired by old fashioned Candy Buttons. I love this! I used a great tutorial by Very Homemade for the body of the tie and added cloth diaper snaps for the candy buttons. I stuck with primary colors, because they are just so classic. He even tried to eat the tie a few times, so it must look good! The fedora hat was made from the pattern by Elegance & Elephants and is the perfect accessory for this style. I added the diaper snaps here, as well, to tie everything in together. The shirt is a basic Oliver + S Sketchbook shirt with some alterations made to the length and body to accommodate my little guy's shape. I folded the sleeves up rather than under and fastened them with leather tabs and plastic snaps. All in all, this is the most stylin' outfit I've ever made my son, and he loves it! Head over to my blog for full details and many more adorable photos. Seriously, my son is cute enough to eat. Thank you for reading! 


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  6. Love "Almond Joy Inspired" By Lexi Made so creative!

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