Monday, January 20, 2014

Week #2 Let's Go to the MOVIES! (And week #1 results)

Wow!!!! Now that was a first week, huh?!!!!!  We already knew we had a group of winners when we started, but that first week was outstanding!  We got lots and lots of emails and comments this week about how each and every designer really did fantastic work---and we couldn't agree more.   So many of you had such a hard time just picking one outfit to vote for--they were all that great!

And now for the results of The Winter Wonderland Challenge......

Our winner this week is Paisley Roots' Falling Slowly outfit.  Awesome photos, awesome details and a beautiful look.  Congratulations Karly!

And sadly, we are having to say goodbye to someone who has as much attention to detail as any amazing  sewist out there, and who is such a genuinely nice person.  Which are both huge compliments!  It never gets any easier saying goodbye here at PR&P, but it is especially hard when the talent level is that great.
But the results are in and, sadly, we are saying goodbye to Louise from I'm Feelin' Crafty.
 Louise, we truly are going to miss your talents.  I mean look at her details on the complete outfit-----amazing!
But, luckily she is not leaving the competition empty-handed.  Our good friends at are giving her a $25 dollar gift certificate to buy some of their awesome fabrics.
A huge thank you to you, Louise, for coming on this journey with us....and we seriously can't wait to see more from you at your blog

And now for our Sew-Along Winner.

After much deliberation, the Sew-Along judges chose.....
The Crazy Tailor's Winter Wonderland Outfit.  A velvet blazer?  YES, I want that....
Congratulations to Sarah who will receive a $25 gift card to Fat Quarter Shop!
Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!!!!
And now for week #2

So, let's start the linky party!!!

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  1. Congrats to the winners! really loved that velvet blazer too!

  2. I knew that blazer was the winner the moment I saw it! Fantastic job!! And great job to Paisley Roots! These were two BEAUTIFUL looks!

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I can't believe it - out of so many amazing entries, thanks so very much!!!

  4. We are going to miss you Louise.
    You did a fantastic job last week.

  5. Congrats Karly and Sarah! You were my top winners from the start! And all these linked projects already? I still haven't been able to visit everyone from the first week... This is getting HUGE!

  6. I loved all the looks last week and it was so hard to pick! Congratulations Karly! You're outfit was so lovely.
    It's always sad to see someone with so much talent leave the competition, but of course someone has to go. We'll miss you Louise!

  7. Congrats to Karly!! A hard earned win for sure (and beautifully eared as well). I loved all of the looks, seriously. That fox look was right on the "wonderland" mark and I absolutely adored it. Unfortunately someone had to go home =( I really think this one was so close...the closest I've ever seen. That makes it a GREAT season.

  8. Congratulations Karly and Sarah!! Louise - you are AMAZING....Seriously amazing!! We can't wait to see more inspired looks for boys coming from you in the years to come....

  9. Congrats Sarah! Louise you really are amazing. I know I'll be following your blog from now on. Your work is just phenomenal.

  10. I just entered my sewing fail at the linky party. I am aware it is not an elegible entry for the prize so feel free to delete it... I just wanted to share my attempt to join this week's challenge, my sewing fail, and lessons learned from it.

    I am delighted with all the creations from the contestants and sew-along ladies - Wow! Amazing outfits and costumes... Thank you for keep hosting this series! It is always such a source of delight and inspiration and camaraderie.


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