Friday, February 14, 2014

Season 9 Contestant Search

Every season (with the exception of our specialty seasons) we invite all of you to enter a look in our "Sew Along Search" for our last contestant spot.  We know that there is way more talent out there than we could ever we always leave the last spot up to you, our fantastic readers!

Here is how it works: anyone is invited to enter a look through the linky party below using a post html address from your blog or another photo sharing site (flickr, photobucket, etc.).  And that's it!  The linky party will be open for submissions from today until Wednesday February 19th at midnight.

Then Thursday, February 20th all readers will have the chance to vote on their favorite outfit/designer and the top scorer will be a contestant in Season 9 which is coming up quickly in March.

Good luck everyone....and link away!

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  1. Naturally, this season would fall during my month of moving. Maybe I'll try out next time :)

  2. So excited to see more BOYS! PRP needs more boys!!

  3. I'm loving the new feature of the link, that shows a check mark on the ones you've previously viewed...very handy!

  4. Oh darn, I completely read this wrong and thought I had until tonight to link up, oh well, I will start working on my best submission for next time...can't wait to see who wins, I have my eye on the one I am voting for. Good luck everyone!


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