Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time to Vote! Signature Style Challenge---Week #4!

Petit a Petit and Family: Heart Breaker
I cannot believe this is the last week, where has the time gone by? I cannot thank you all enough for the amazing support and lovely comments- I've had such fun making my outfits and I've enjoyed meeting so many new people and making new friends in the process. I am excited to show you my last look, are you ready to be Heart Broken?  
If I had to describe my signature style I would have to say it's a mishmash of things. I love mixing old and new together, I have a lot of fun putting patterns and textures together you would never think would fit. I am definitely influenced by indie designers, I love European fashion as well as anything Japanese. The thing I love the most about making clothes for my kids is being able to do what I envision, create designs that are fun and comfortable and that you wouldn't normally see anywhere else. This week I took all of these elements, I decided to go for a 50's retro vibe mixed with some modern pieces. I used some baby blues, red and mint tones to complete my look. 

Let's break it down... The oversized quilted coat is where my love for Japan and recycling comes into play. I wanted something boxy and comfortable. I drafted the pattern and cut into 2 pillow cases I've had in my up-cycle pile for a while now. I added some bias trim all around and a unique fake shawl collar, it is fully lined in the softest red polka dot fabric ever. I used that same fabric to make the little headband. The blouse was also self drafted, it has lovely inverted box pleats and large circle double layered flutter sleeves. I wanted to create something girly, light and breezy. The floral is lovely rayon silk blend. I made rolled hems for the first time and the seams are all french seams. This was my homage to the french designers I love so much. Next I remixed the Small Fry Skinny jeans- I made them a size bigger, added some pleats, changed up the waistband and added the heart breaker suspenders. These pants are as nice on the inside as they are in- all the seams are either flat felled seams or bias trimmed. The heart suspenders are removable, making these pants multi functional. And finally no outfit is complete without its accessories- I painted and added some flowers to some sunglasses and drew on some sneakers to re-create saddle shoes. We are ready for Spring! 
I have many more details and photos on my blog Petit a Petit and family, come over and say hello!

It's Always Autumn: Counting Stars
I am so excited to have made it to the final round! My "signature style" is usually a compromise between what I love (sophisticated colors and styles) and what my daughter loves (pink, ruffles, etc.). Additionally, I usually gravitate toward simple pieces--I love projects that can be completed in one nap time--and things that are comfortable and wearable. Finally, many of my projects involve upcycling existing garments. For this week's look I combined all of these elements in a look that's girly enough to make my daughter happy and polished enough to make me happy. I wanted to show that simpler items which are quicker sews don't have to be boring, so I decided to put a twist on a classic tee using fabric from a thrifted t-shirt. I sewed up a top with a pretty cutout neckline in the back, adding ribbon ties for a romantic look. Necklines on knit garments are often the "giveaway" that the item is homemade, so I made sure this neckline looked professional by finishing it with knit bias tape and a double needle. The shirt hits at the natural waist in a gently gathered banded hem and the sleeves are ruched to complete the lovely feminine look. I wanted to pair this shirt with a tulle skirt, but I don't like the way gathered tulle bunches up on itself, so I used foiled tulle instead of normal tulle. Foiled tulle washes beautifully, doesn't snag, and is much softer than normal tulle (and it gets softer with each wash). To make the skirt twirly without it looking like a tutu, I cut it as a half circle skirt and finished the waist with soft, fold over elastic. The result is a sophisticated look that's also very practical for a child. PRP-week4-photo2
The skirt has three layers of white tulle underneath three layers of gold tulle, each of which is cut a little bit shorter than the layer beneath for a graduated hemline. The best part of the skirt, however, is that there are comfy knit shorts attached underneath and trimmed with stretch lace - pretty and super practical for a preschooler (visit my blog for a photo of the shorts). I completed the outfit with a beautiful ruffled coat. The coat is made from a gorgeous grey herringbone flannel, meaning it's soft, washable, and wrinkle resistant. The four rows of ruffles are all made from one large curved piece of fabric which was gathered in five different places and attached to a flannel lining. The bodice and sleeves are lined in a yellow and white floral cotton, and three yellow buttons add color and personality. An oversize collar gives it a bit of a retro feel. I love this coat! It's the perfect combination of a girly, ruffly silhouette (which makes my daughter happy) and a modern, sophisticated color scheme, which makes me happy. As with my other looks, all items were self drafted using other clothes as reference. Thank you so much for your votes, comments and support! Visit It's Always Autumn for more photos and details.  

The Crazy Tailor: Pearls & Grace
project run & play
Timeless. Graceful. Modestly stylish. This is what comes to mind when I hear the names Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly....and this is also what I thought when looking back at what I've made so far this season. I am very much a lover of the classics. I adore plaids, pleats and stripes, big bows, and little details like hand-sewn button loops. I strive to make clothes for my daughter that are modest, yet tasteful and also practical. And so I present to you my Signature Style, Pearls & Grace: style that transcends time. Pearls are enduring. Simple and classic, and never out of place. Grace, because the most beautiful, costly garments are worth nothing if worn by a woman without a gracious spirit. What a life lesson to teach our young daughters! project run & Play
I started off my look with a self-drafted box-pleated skirt. The ever-classic awning striped skirt got a modern twist with an exposed zipper in the back of a perfectly fitted waistband. I drafted the waistline on this skirt to fit better under J's toddler belly. On the inside of the hem in the front, I embroidered "I'll love you forever." J loves that Munsch book, and it's a sentiment that's heard frequently around here! Then I drafted a floral blouse with a billowy silhouette. There are faux cap sleeves, a sweet little pleat at the front neckline and a hand knotted back button closure. The bottom hem is cinched in with ties for a draping bow finish. signature style
I finished off this look with a very feminine military-inspired jacket, also an enduring fashion, modified from the Cali Faye Cadette coat. I cropped it to a swing coat length, rounded the collar and cuff corners, and changed up the back a bit. This was made in a textured sport knit (bargain bin score = no fiber content) that washes and wears so nicely. White is the best color for kid's clothes sometimes - wash it and then throw it in the sun! This outfit has a decidedly Jackie O influence, from the classic lines of the skirt and jacket, to the black & white contrast, so we played it up with the quintessential fabulous sunglasses and pearls! For more photos and pattern details, and to see how all of my PRP outfits mix and match together, head on over to The Crazy Tailor!

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