Monday, April 7, 2014

Week Three: Design Your Own Fabric & The Results for Week Two: Spring Break Inspired Challenge

Good morning!
Welcome to week 3 of PRP Season 9.
Now before we get started with the all the festivities for this week....
Its time to announce the results from week two (our Spring Break inspired challenge).  Thank you for all your patience!  (We were just as anxious as you have been!)
And now....after combining the judges scores with the readers votes or winner for the week is:
Sarah at The Crazy Tailor with her Springtime in Paris look! 
And sadly, very sadly after combining judges and voting scores we have to say goodbye to GoogieMama

Her looks last week were amazing (and had me wanting to make a pair of pants for myself exactly like her daughters!) If you haven't already been over there pop on by her blog and read about this many much sewing awesomeness.
(Shannon will be leaving us our thanks and with a gift card for more fabric.)

Now as for our sew along winner....
This week the judges have chosen House of Estrela's Paris Look as their favorite look.
Congratulations Magda!  She will be receiving a $25 gift certificate to for her winning look!

What a fun week we had last week.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing and reading about everyone's spring break inspired clothing.  (Now if only we could all gather together in one of those destinations and have a sewing party....)

It's time to get week 3 started!!!

This week is our theme is all about the fabric....It is the Design Your Own Fabric Challenge!
What does that mean?
It means create your own fabric or print (however you can....stamping, screen printing, sharpies, embroidering, dying, whatever!) and then design an outfit featuring that fabric.

We KNOW this week is going to be let's get this party started!
Link up your looks!


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  1. Thank you so much!!! I never sew along to win, so I was so surprised to see this! =D

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  3. Boa Magda! Esta espectacular! :-)

  4. Yeah for the amazing and talented Magda!

    1. and very very exausted Magda by now... lol

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah, that was a hell of a good day for me! =D

  6. Noooo! I thought the link party was supposed to close at midnight tonight.... I have a dress done that I spent over 12 hours on ready to link up. So disappointing. =(

    1. Charity....put it in the comments....we want to see it! I will have the judges add it ;)

    2. Thank you! =)

  7. Oh no! I missed the deadline too! We had a blast with fabric markers and made a Coloring Book dress.

    1. That is really cute! I love that your daughter got to help make her dress. =)

    2. Your dress is beautiful! I can't imagine all that work...embroidery, twists, lining, oh my! Your daughter is darling. I hope she enjoys her dress!

    3. Thank you! Parts of it were really frustrating, but even though the rest took forever it was pretty fun to make.=)
      Thank you! She loves it.

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