Thursday, May 8, 2014

Flashback May: Let's Go to the Movies Challenge with Suzanne from Winter Wonderings Wanderings Whatnot

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Project Run and Play will always feel like home to me, it is the place I really explored and discovered the magic of sewing for my kids.  It is the place where I met my first and best online sewing friends.  It is the place where somehow I snuck in and got hugs and encouragement and so many opportunities rather than a door slammed in my face.  This will always be a special place for me and a place I will NEVER say no to coming back to for a visit!

Our challenge for Flashback May as to take a challenge that wasn't included in our season and sew it up.  Immediately I picked 'Let's Go to the Movies'.  It was the challenge I expected to be in my season and then wasn't.  At that time, I was so set that I would do Ocean's Eleven for the boys - wouldn't they be so cute as Clooney and Pitt!  But time has passed, I've made the boys suit jackets over the last year and a half, and honestly they just don't need more dress clothes right now.  Hmmm - Hubs and I started throwing out all these movies that we love, and I would look at the costumes and keep coming to the same conclusion - outside of pictures it just wont be worn.  If you followed my season, you know that I am big on WEARABLE clothes.  If they wont wear it a lot, I'm just not going to make it.
I was seriously getting to the point where I thought I was going to have to change themes.  I did spend about a week trying to figure out play costumes for 'How to Train Your Dragon' (something along the lines of the stuffed dragon held up by suspenders thing)  But my brain was in revolt and it was just too hard to figure out on what was becoming a shorter and shorter time span.
Finally, relaxing in bed one night, I was surfing channels and landed on the movie Matilda.  As I watched, I saw so much of baby girl - a book lover, smart, willful, fully willing to stand up to parents/brothers/any form of authority (yeah - we're working on it ;op).  And instantly, I knew I would make baby girl a Matilda Dress.


I went with the classic blue flowered dress with collar and red bow, white shoes and socks complete the movie look.  The Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations was PERFECT for recreating this look.

oh look, a newt!!!!

he's so cute.....

here's your water Mrs. Trunchbull, enjoy the extra something special.....

I realize this is a fairly simple inspired look, but this is a dress that will get worn all summer - a dress that can be layered with a cardigan for fall, and a dress that my baby girl loves to wear.  And in true to me fashion, this is a 100% upcycle.  The main fabric is from an old lady dress that was passed on to me, the lining is from a bed sheet (you can get a lot of things out of a bed sheet), and the zipper is from the original dress.  Movie inspired outfit, $0 - WOOT!

Thanks for having me back!

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  1. The dress looks super comfy. Your baby girl has gotten so BIG!

  2. I know - she is HUGE!!!! But the dress is so so comfy, I think she'll be wearing it a ton ;o)

  3. so pretty Suzanne! I love the Matilda book (and movie!!)

  4. This is a really sweet dress! I love that fabric, and it looks darling on your little girl. =)

    1. awww, thank you Charity - the fabric really worked out perfectly for this project, it has a great drape!

  5. I love your intent that the clothes need to be worn again. Thats how I feel when i sew otherwise it seems a bit pointless except for pretty photos. You did well!

  6. HOW AMAZING you selected "Matilda" as your inspiration for Let's Go to the Movies Challenge! It's an ever-popular fantasy children's book by Roald Dahl, a great film produced in 1996 starring Mara Wilson with Danny DeVito as her dad . . . and currently a smash Broadway musical in New York City. You've sewn a WEARABLE and practical little girl's dress: small pink roses with green leaves on a Navy blue background. Re-cycled fabric from an old lady dress and you even used the same zipper-- how clever! BRAVO as you've sewn lots of LOVE into this inspiration! Darling daughter in a cute photo shoot & outdoors! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis


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