Monday, August 25, 2014

Project Run and Play Season 10 Themes

Alright ladies...
The wait is over!!!!
Here are the themes for Project Run and Play Season 10.
Week #1:  80's Cartoon Inspired
The 80's cartoons are taking over the fashion world!  Use your favorite 80's cartoon as inspiration for an everyday outfit. Think inspiration not costumes.  ( costumes...:)
Week #2:  The "Hand-me-down" Makeover. 
Using hand-me-downs (or upcycled clothing) make something modern and fashionable for your child to wear.
Week #3:  The Denim Challenge
Using some sort of denim for the majority of your outfit create something fabulous for your child to wear.
Soooooo....there you have it!
And week one doesn't start until September 8th so you have some time to start brainstorming and sewing.  We can't wait to see what you make.  (Especially for week one....I'm dying to see week one....)

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  1. I am so excited!!!! Now, what to make??

  2. So excited! I had promised myself I would commit to sewing along all season and I've been so impatient waiting for these themes, hehe. My husband even teased me yesterday afternoon by telling me that the themes were posted early and got my hopes up, big meanie. :)

    I do have a question about the denim challenge. Would it be against the rules to use a denim look-alike, like jegging knit or chambray? Thanks!

  3. I'm so excited! Especially for 80s cartoons! Can't wait to sew along. It's been way too long!

  4. THUNDERCATS HO! I am very exited about week one :) Can you tell?! Awesome themes! I can't wait to sew along; I was wondering if there is a sew along chatroom or anything like that set up somewhere?

  5. I'm in! I had those creative juices going yesterday, and have decided on my first garment. It took me awhile to research cartoons of the 80's...
    Deborah @ Sew Much to Give

  6. Oooh what fun! Hopefully I will be able to sew along this season :-) I LOVE the first challenge- so many cool 80s cartoons to choose from and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with :-)

  7. Getting inspired! Now for the kids to go to school so I can do some fabric shopping!

  8. Great themes!! (As always. You know how to pick them ladies! :) )
    Week One theme is so cool! I can think of Babar the Elephant, Maya the Bee, The Ninja Turtles, HeathCliff, The Jetsons, Inspector Gadget, Smurfs, David the Gnome, The Misterious Cities of Gold, Dennis the Menace, Mighty Mouse, Denver the Last Dinossaur, DuckTales, He-Man and She-Ra, My Little Pony, Scooby Doo, Transformers...
    There is this site/blog with a comprehensive list of cartoons from the 80's - here it is just in case someone needs it: ;)

  9. I'm going to try my best to sew along again this season, I have missed it so much! Quick question about the 80s cartoon theme. Can the character inspiration be from the new version of the show or does it have to be from the original show?

  10. Very excited to see what everyone is working on. Love the themes too! What day do we get to start linking up the sew alongs?


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