Monday, October 13, 2014

Project Run and Play Season 10 Results

We made you wait all weekend but we won't make you wait anymore!
Here are the results of Project Run and Play Season 10:
The winner is....
Nele from Spiegelstiksels!!!
And coming in second place is...
Cassie from Lily Shine Boutique!
And third place belongs to....
Rachael from Imagine Gnats!
A big, giant thank you again to all the ladies that shared their time and talents with us this season.
And another very heart felt thank you to all of you ladies who sewed along with us.
We say it all the time but one of our very favorite parts of Project Run and Play is the sew along group.  You ladies delight and amaze us each and every week and we thank you so much for sewing along with us.
Which brings me to....who did our judges choose for the sew along winner this week???
Come back tomorrow to find out!
(And to see what the prizes are for our winners.)
See you tomorrow!

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  1. another awesome season!! everyone made so many amazing outfits!! congrats to all!

  2. Congrats Nelle! It was a superb season!!!

  3. Congratulations Nele! And well done to all of you! This has been an amazing season:)


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