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Time to Vote! Signature Style Week

Spiegelstiksels--mixing prints
1-deur definitief
Thank you all for your support the past weeks! I can’t believe it’s signature style week already. Time must have been flying. This week’s challenge gave me a hard time. There is of course the question of the concept signature style. At first I didn’t have a clue what my signature style could be. Should I make a dress, a shirt, a coat,...? Usually I am inspired by the fabric and the prints, but also by the child. What I make for the children does not only wear my signature, but also theirs. The girls both dress differently. The eldest likes pants and jackets with zippers. The younger daughter likes dresses and skirts and classic coats. The boys have their own preferences as well. But then I realized that my signature style is not a specific outfit, it is added to the outfit in the way it’s made and the details I chose. There are a lot of things I like when sewing and a lot of them are applicable in any outfit. So I made a short list of things that are typical for me-made clothes: welt pockets, a detail in the back, blue, a touch of pink and Liberty fabric.
For this week’s challenge I chose mixing prints as the main concept. I have a big interest in combining colors to find a beautiful pallet and I have read quite some color theory. But the secrets of mixing prints are still a big mystery to me. Of course there are some rules. Mix prints that have at least 1 color in common. Or mix small prints with big prints. Or mix anything with black and white stripes... But apart from these rules, what is it that makes the magic happen? For me it is still a matter of trial and error. This outfit started with an African inspired print in indigo. This fabric was used for the pants, that I gave welt pockets in the back. I combined it with a double gauze from Nani Iro for the blouse. I gave the blouse a back part in two overlapping pieces and a little bow in the neck. J has been asking for a jacket with zippers for a while now. So this was a good opportunity to make her the biker jacket I had in my head. It’s made in faux leather and also has welt pockets with zippers, as well as a Japanese inspired Toile de Jouy lining. The outfit was completed with a simple scarf in Liberty fabric for a hint of pink.
3-collage 2
I hope you recognize my signature in this outfit. Again you can find more pictures and information on the blog. It’s been a wonderful month, this season’s project run and play. Stressful at times and very intensive, but overall a delightful and inspiring experience. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Lily Shine Boutique--Fun in the Sun
Aloha!!! Super excited to share with you the final entry for Project Run & Play, Fun in the Sun Signature Style by Lily Shine Boutique! My two girls often dictate what I make and are the source of my inspiration. They love fabric shopping with me, designing styles and picking out shoes to match! I love creating clothing that is comfy, wash and wear and allows for growing room. I love rompers and dresses, one piece looks that are hurt-your-cheeks cute. Polka dots, bright colors and bold solids are often ingredients to items I make for my shop. I adore ruffles and that my four year old will still let me put them on practically everything (I know one day this won't be the case). I big, squishy heart love big bows. As far as I'm concerned, the bigger the bow, the bigger the heart! I dig on vintage and retro influences and accessorizing outfits with quick and easy headbands. Most importantly, I love sewing clothing that is light and airy for this year round heat in Hawaii and will allow my girls to have Fun in the Sun! prp4collage5
Let's get into the details for each outfit in my Signature Style look. The romper is made with a collar detail and front bodice from Violette Field Threads Ginger Dress. I wanted to add some color to break up the polka dot, so I stitched in a contrast waistband with cute side ties. I used elastic casings for the legs and back bodice to allow for growing room and easy on/off wear. A detail you will often see in my shop is a big bow tie, so I made sure to make the halter ties extra large! The dress is my debut pattern, an exclusive design for Little Lizard King Patterns. It features a drop waist knit bodice, cinched sleeves, tiered ruffles and (of course) a big bow pin! I used a great Hawaiian print fabric with bicycles, snorkles, ice cream cones, fish, sunshine and palm trees in bright, bold colors (pretty much everything we love in one print!). I used sunshine yellow bias tape to hem the ruffles to really pop the color and keep the ruffles crisp. My girls had a blast playing on the beach and running up and down the path to the Aloha Tower. I adore their outfits that are truly Fun in the Sun, and my signature style look for Lily Shine Boutique. Surf over to my blog to read more about each item and see more pics of my darling kiddos! Mahalo! prp4_collage3

imagine gnats--dichotomy
dichotomy header
for this challenge, I thought about what I love to sew for my girls, and what my girls love to wear. there are a few basic must-haves that make an outfit successful around here: comfortable for play, bold prints and colors, easy to care for, and fun to wear. these two girls are my never ending source of inspiration, and I love seeing the smiles on their faces when a new garment comes together the way we hoped. I hope that they enjoy wearing my creations for many years to come! brenna dress collage
Brenna's dress is a lined woven tumble tee dress with an added drop-waist ruffle. the butterfly print and gold dots are both from the spring 2014 Cotton + Steel collections, the dress is lined with cotton tencel chambray, and fastens in the back with one pearl snap. Kahlin's dress is a modified Desert Rose Dress. I replaced the gathered skirt with a circle skirt, edited the bodice shapes, and added a hem facing as well. the bodice and hem facing are Cotton + Steel, the bodice is lined with mustard double gauze, and the skirt is double gauze from Ellen Luckett Baker's Framework collection. all of the topstitching was delicately done with metallic gold thread, including a triple stitched line to finish the hem. stop by my blog for all the details and lots more pics! kahlin dress collage

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