Thursday, June 4, 2015

June's Pattern is....

Summer is upon us and I don't know about you, but my kiddos LOVE to dress up. Especially my girl. We spend a lot of time inside in the summer (we live in Vegas), so having fun activities for them to do is important to having a successful summer. Whether she has friends over or just dresses up her brothers and sister and stuffed animals :), she is in 12 outfits every day! This pattern is great because it allows you to put the dress on over clothes, so it works for winter, summer and everything else in between. The pattern to use for this month's Sew Along is Kiki and Company's take on the DIY Frozen Elsa Dress.
It comes in 3 easy steps and could be customized and changed in so many ways to make your daughter's (or granddaughter's, nieces, friend, etc) favorite.
You can see how I changed up the pattern just a bit to make my daughter a Cinderella Ball Gown...because you can't just make one! I am sharing the changes I made to the dress on my blog this week, so come on over to get some ideas!
DIY Cinderella Ball Gown Tutorial at kiki and company
For any little girl who LOVES princesses or dressing up, this DIY is for you! It's quick and simple and can be changed and customized to fit any size as well as any princess (or heroine, etc). I can't wait to see all the details that you add to yours!
DIY Cinderella Dress from Kiki and Company

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much!!!! I fear I may need to make a costume for each kiddo... Gonna be a busy month!!!

  2. Oh funny--I JUST finished an everyday style Elsa dress for my daughter TODAY, then clicked over here, and what do you know? I guess I'm ready for this month!

  3. Oh dear. How will Elsa fit in my "collection" -- this one IS a challenge.

  4. Oh dear. How will Elsa fit in my "collection" -- this one IS a challenge.


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