Thursday, August 6, 2015

August's Challenge (with Frances Suzanne)

The month of August is a somewhat different Project Run and Play sew-along challenge!!! This month is NOT about a free pattern OR specific tutorial. While we are trying to include more tutorials on our blog, we currently don't have many to choose from . . . So, instead, we asked liZ and Elizabeth if we could hone into a particular LOVE of ours - HAND WORK! Looking back at our time on Project Run and Play, we realized each week contained a form of embroidery for us. It's our niche, and a special touch we add to many of our nieces' garments! That said, for this month you have FREE REIGN to select any children's pattern you so desire to sew. Consider it a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for those of you doing a little "back to school" sewing, or those of you that have something cut and ready to sew. . .

But, like most "challenges", there IS a catch!!

Using the pattern of your choice, you MUST incorporate some from of hand work in the garment sewn. You choose the children's pattern, you sew the pattern, you use your hands and some DMC {or embroidery floss} to "detail it up" and create a "one of a kind" outfit.

  Embroidery InspirationThe design, the type/technique of embroidery, and the quantity of stitching is completely up to you! And, the good news is . . . embroidery can be used in sewing for both boys and girls! NO EXCUSES! We are SERIOUSLY excited about seeing what you sew, and are ready to be flooded with inspiration from you! Project Run and Play participants are some of the most creative out there - so, BRING IT!! Embroidery Inspiration For those of you needing a few ideas to get those creative juices going . . . feel free to check out some of our hand work "inspiration post" {HERE or HERE}, a post on smocking inspiration {with LOADS of links}, or Pinterest board on embroidery.
Let's do this!!
Ashley {frances} and Emily {suzanne}

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  1. Love the idea, I will be participate for sure!

  2. I just took a class in Tokyo on sashiko embroidery--what a great excuse to practice my new skill! Now if I can just be organized enough to get it done--since I'm in the process of moving back to the US this month!

  3. Amazing idea Emily and Ashley! I hope I can find time to sew something and join you...
    (Thank you for featuring my 3D pleats!)

  4. Sounds great, I'm definitely trying to participate :)

  5. Perfect! I was just starting a handwork project today to enter in the county fair this month. Love it when something like this happens.

  6. Oh my goodness! I am tired! We've been in our new house for 27 days and it still looks severely un-unpacked. Meaning, we still have boxes everywhere. And I mean everywhere. The garage is full, except for a pathway to the door and the laundry area.

  7. wow looking excited .. my whole family do hand embroidery but we didn't do this type quality i love its really nice ...
    Silk Digitizing


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