Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Time Has Come....


Let's talk.....I'm sure that you have all noticed that we have been a little crazy over here lately.  Posting erratically, forgetting things, announcing things to early, etc. etc. etc.

Like this week...when we opened up the voting an entire week too soon....before the linky party has even closed. (Which we will get to in a minute.)

And so with this last mistake Elizabeth and I have had some long discussions and made a few decisions...the thing is we LOVE Project Run and Play.


Ever since the season we competed we've been smitten.  It was so much fun.

And although we have had a lot of offers to buy PRP from us we don't want to say goodbye.  But on the other hand we aren't doing it justice.

And we are missing out on the competitions, the designs, the tutorials, the faces, the fun....and most of all you.  We miss you.

Very much.

So we thought and we talked and then talked some more.  We would LOVE this year (2016) to be bigger and better than ever but we've realized we can't do it alone.  We need help.

What we are going to do is hire a virtual assistant to help run Project Run and would be a paid gig and wouldn't be a very large work load....and our hope would be that this person would be someone that loves PRP as much as we do.

So, if you are interested and want more details please email us at:  simplesimonandco (at) gmail (dot) com

We want to get our team and plan in place before the new year so we can get this party started again in style.

Until then....yes, yes, and yes.  We did open the voting one week to soon.  And for that we apologize.  And we want to make it up to you.

So, if you had a look that you were going to enter this week please email us at the email address above with a photo and/or a link to your post along with your mailing address. And, in turn we will email you a surprise package from us.

We do love Project Run and Play....but we do need help...and we are anxious to hire our assistant and get going.  There is so much fun that needs to be had!

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  1. I know the feeling - life does get crazy! I look forward to reading about what will happen and what the themes/sew along will be! I may even be brave and try to audition if there is an open call! LOL! PRaP wouldn't be the same without you girls so I'm glad you're not giving it up! <3

  2. I was just sitting here wondering last couple days, I wonder what the simple Simon girls are going to do aboit project run and play next year. Happy to StumbleUpon and read this :-). Good luck with finding the right person, I know God will bring you exactly who you need :)


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