Monday, February 8, 2016

Results, Announcements, and The Sew Along Linky Party is OPEN

During competition time here at Project Run and Play Mondays are always busy days...with so much to cover!!!

So let's get to it!

First of all the may have noticed that there are NO JUDGES this season here at Project Run and Play...that is because this season the contestants themselves are the judges!

What does that mean?  Well, we'll tell you.  It still means that 50% of the contestants score comes from the popular voting (all of you) and the other 50% is made up of the way that the contestants score each other.

After competing ourselves in Season 2 we know that no one else know the difficulties of each challenge better than your fellow contestants and with that in mind we decided that it would be awesome to let the contestants who knew what work was going into the designs week in and week out be their own judges.

Sooooo...knowing that the winner of Project Run and Play Season 11 is:

Courtney from Sweeter than Cupcakes!
Congratulations Courtney!!!

And sadly we have to say goodbye to our first contestant of the season...

Ren from The Inspired Wren.

Ren you will be missed.  Your work (and your photos) are darling!  This week we will get your parting gift sent to you in the mail.

Now...on to our sew along group.

Again, you may have judges choices...and no voting....

We started the sew along group for two reasons.  The first reason was purely selfish...we really do love seeing what all of you create.  And the second reason was for fun.  Just for the absolute enjoyment of sewing items for your little ones.

And so this season the sew along is for fun.  YES!  There will be prizes but there will be no choosing favorites or voting or stress with the sew along this season.

So how will we choose who wins the weekly sew along prize?
For this season it will be done by a random number generator.  That way everyone who links up will have an equal chance at winning.

That said....who is the winner of this weeks prize?

Why it's none other than Karly from Paisley Roots with her Blaverry Finn Top Dress.
Congratulations Karly!!

With all that business taken care of it's time to get down to what we have going on here this week.

This is Week 2 and Week 2 is our Cosplay Challenge:

Cos Play Challenge:  Since Cos Play is all the rage we thought it would be fun to have an entire challenge devoted to it!  So for this challenge create and outfit INSPIRED by by the cos play craze. (But not a costume!)

This may just be the week I am most excited about for the entire many many directions you are all going to go...I CAN NOT wait to see what everyone creates. So I'm going to quit writing and get this linky party open!

(And we will see you back here tomorrow when the contestants looks are revealed!)

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  1. Thanks for including me this season! It was an honor to be among such a talented, encouraging group of sewers.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sad to see Ren go! I loved her Plum modern designs and mix of patterns. I hope she creates a cosplay outfit for her blog, since I loved her HP inspired look she did once before.

  4. Some cute looks this week, ladies! Surprised at the low number of entries with such a cool theme!


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