Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Time to Vote: Signature Style

I can't believe we are here on the final week of PRP Season 11 but we are!
And that means it's Signature week.  So check out the final three looks and vote for your favorite!

Sweeter Than Cupcakes--Curativity
Cur·a·ti·vi·ty (noun): The ability to create something entirely new that transcends traditional expectations by pulling together life’s best images, music, artwork, materials or ingredients.  I recently came across this fictitious word/definition in reference to a snack bar of all things, and it resonated with me. My signature style encompasses well-crafted details plus curated inspiration combined to create something new, interesting, and dimensional. In other words, it's putting parts and pieces together to create a new and unique whole. For this week, the challenge of presenting my signature style included some self-drafted pieces while remaining true to the color navy which has lately dominated my designs. I reached into my daughter's closet, my closet, and, of course, Pinterest for inspiration. Maintaining clean lines with special details like the Japanese patterns I turn to again and again helped me concentrate my focus.
The first self-drafted knit piece for my youngest was influenced by a dress she owned. Simplicity and comfort highlight the dress's preppy look. The freedom of combining stripes and polka dots just adds to the fun! The curved lines add interest and a sweet feminine touch. My goal for the kangaroo pocket was to make it almost invisible except when in use. The pockets are also a prominent feature in the skirt drafted for my oldest daughter resembling one pulled from my closet. I may not be a fan of rings of ruffles, but a well-placed gather adds so much interest. The front from the Hey June Camden raglan tee inspired the tank style top. The back closes with snaps. The vintage trim provided the perfect accent for the straps that weave across the back. Adding a vintage touch quickly changes something plain to something quite special. I am thrilled to still be a part of this competition. These girls deserved a special treat for being such willing models and going through so many fittings. Head to Sweeter Than Cupcakes for more details and the fun reward photos!!

Naeh Connection:  Color Me Happy
Project Run and Play, Season 11, Signature Style: Color Me Happy by Näh-Connection

 Wow, I can't believe that I really made it to the final week and that you helped me win week 3. Thank you to everyone who commented on my looks or voted for them during the last weeks. I seriously had the best time ever although I must confess that I'm glad that this is the last week. I couldn't keep the extreme rhythym of dreaming up designs, pattern hacking, cutting, sewing, taking pics and writing blog posts up any longer! But for week 4 I once more gave everything. I knew right away what the title of my post would be: Color Me Happy. Already some years ago my good friend Gioia from dotta defined my style for me when I didn't even know it yet. She said: "I really like that you love color so much!" And she is right. I do love color. I couldn't really imagine my kids in super stylish adult like clothes. They are only 3 and 6 years old, so why not have some fun with colors and prints? I also asked my instagram followers how they'd define my style and things like practical,comfort, knit, bright colours, casual with a twist and well chosen details were mentioned. I guess they know me well. These are exactly the things that I had incorporated in my casual, colorful everyday look.
  Project Run and Play, Season 11, Signature Style: Color Me Happy by Näh-Connection

 As in week 1 and 3 I sewed for both my daughter and my son. I couldn't choose one of them as they are both my inspiration and I love to sew for both of them. The whole look started off with the beautiful Bunny Belle print by Hamburger Liebe. I knew that I wanted a dress with a nice pattern and then remembered that fabric. I really love the Hamburger Liebe designs. They are cute, a little whimsical and fun. I wanted this fabric so much that I even contacted the designer for some of it as it will only be in shops in March - thank you, Susanne. The sleeveless dress features a button up front (with fun strawberry buttons - check out Näh-Connection for a close-up picture), a gathered waistline, two long ties at the waist that are sewn in the side seam and a beautiful piped Peter Pan collar. Both the neckline and the armholes are finished with bias tape. The dress is based on pattern 25 of Ottobre 1/2013 (changes: removing the princess seams, other collar, piping, no sleeves). My daughter's hooded cardigan in comfy red college sweat from NOSH is a pattern hack of the Bimaa Sweater by Lou Bee Clothing. I made it a little roomier, split the front and added a button band, added piped front pockets and finished the neckline with a band to get a pretty finish. My daughter's favorite part is of course the little bunny that jumps from one pocket to the other. It's the same bunny as on the dress and it's made from the softest plush. My son's outfit is again layered as I really like this on boys. He got a very simple self-drafted graphic raglan sweater. I cut "HAPPY" by hand from some iron-on vinyl. This pretty much summarizes my son's mood 99% of the time and of course also is a nice twist on the tribute to the title of my competition entry. He is wearing the sweatshirt over a fun color blocked button up for which I again hacked the Prepster Pullover by Blank Slate Patterns. It's made of the softest woven fabrics (chambray and some gorgeous Michael Miller Cotton Couture). I used red and yellow buttons with respective red and yellow button holes to help my husband dress our son. The shorts are based on the german Täschling 2.0 pattern by Allerleikind (hopefully soon in english in the Näh-Connection Shop). I changed the pockets, made a shorts version with fold-over cuffs and changed the shape of the faux zipper fly. I upcycled an old jeans of mine for these, which results in a fun distressed look. For the photoshooting we went to a small local art museum. Shooting outdoors wouldn't have been a possibility as we had snow that day and were taking pics of summer clothes. The lighting wasn't perfect, but the location still was. I mean is there any better place to take pictures of "color" than in an art museum? Please come on over to Näh-Connection to see many more pictures of my little ones having fun exploring the museum and drawing themselves as well as many more full body and detail shots. And then vote for your favorite. Last, but not least: Thanks Liz and Elisabeth for inviting me to PRP. It was the most wonderful experience! Project Run and Play, Season 11, Signature Style: Color Me Happy by Näh-Connection

Sewing Mama RaeAnna---Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse Project Run and Play
Woo hoo! Week 4 is here! I've had so much fun creating outfits for this competition! As I thought about what I wanted to make for Signature Week, I knew I had to plan something that was fun, girly, and included embroidery, applique, and heat transfer vinyl! Check, check and check!!! My little Disney sweetheart is closing out the competition with the queen of all Disney muses, the iconic Minnie Mouse! Several weeks ago I read about a fashion show in LA called "Minnie Rocks the Dot" (read more here) and I knew that I needed to plan out a Project Run and Play look that paid homage to the mouse! And since it is "signature" week, I knew the detail I HAD to add was Minnie's very own signature that I traced from an autograph! It totally completes the look that I created for my little Mousketeer!
Minnie Mouse Project Run and Play
The items created for this look are a modified Toddler Backpack (free pattern from Crazy Little Projects) and a top that I designed on my own from an inspirational photo of a boutique shirt for girls and the skirt is modified from my Tilly Skirt pattern. I omitted the pockets and front flap and then added width to the skirt so I could sew in some pleats. I also made it a "skort" with built in shorts. All the fabrics were intentional to play with the black/white/red color scheme of the iconic Minnie! And each item has a special touch from me! The backpack has an applique mouse head with Eva Mae's name embroidered, the skort has a heat transfer vinyl image of a Kawaii Minnie, and the shirt has Minnie's signature done with heat transfer vinyl. I am making my patterns for the shirt, skort, and headband available for free on my website! Click here to see more pictures and download the PDF! And thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to have a spot in this final round! It has meant the world to me! And Eva Mae now has a full wardrobe to take on our trip to Florida this month!

Now you've seen all three looks...all that is left to do is to vote for your favorite!

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  1. This was the hardest one to make a decision for!

  2. It is literally impossible to decide :) Great work, everyone!

  3. These are all great! Nice work by all of the contestants this season. I would love to see the dress and skirt by Sweeter Than Cupcakes as patterns to buy or a tutorial!!


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