Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Soooooo...what's next?

So...now that Season 11 is over you may be wondering what's next...

Well...we'll tell you.

Today we are going to open a linky party where you can link to any children's clothing that you are currently making and posting about this month.

Tomorrow we will announce the sew along winner for Signature Style week as well as show everyone what the weekly sew along winners will be receiving in the mail.

Then later in the week we get to introduce you to our Project Run and Play 2016 Contributors.

Once this week ends we get to fill the rest of the month with guest posts and contributor posts that you will want to follow along with.  (Lots of great tutorials, how to's, and ideas!)

April will be much the same but then in May we will have a sew along with prizes up for grabs that EVERYONE can participate in!

July will be our annual Skirting the Issue Event, August will be more insights from guest posts and contributors and then comes September when it will be time for Project Run and Play Season 12 to begin!

Thank you to all of you who make this place in cyber space such a great place to be.  We love your creativity and willingness to share ideas.  It is all of you that make Project Run and Play so wonderful.

Note:  The awesome photo up top is from Falafel and the Bee...it was her sew along entry from a few seasons back and I'm still smitten with it.

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  1. Heeheee! Thanks for using that one! When I saw it, I was surprised and it made me smile.
    That was a fun one!


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