Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let's Play Tag!

Yesterday we opened up the link up for everyone to link up children's clothing made for playing games.  It's inspired by the upcoming Summer Olympics, and we can't wait to see what everyone links up!
(You can also find it by clicking on the tab at the far right of the top menu bar.)

Aaaaaand now we're in the mood for games, so we're going to play every child's favorite game... tag!

 Here is how the game is played:
We're "it," so today we're going to share our favorite challenge from our season of Project Run & Play.  At the end of our post, we've tagged another past Project Run & Play designer to be "it" and share their favorite challenge from their season of Project Run & Play.
They have 2 days to respond and tag yet ANOTHER past designer, and so the fun continues...which means this month is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

My favorite challenge from our season (Season 2) was the "costumes" challenge.

This is one of those things that I will never forget or regret.
Our season was almost 5 years ago now...5 years ago...time goes by so fast.

Elizabeth and I loved making all the items for each week.  I loved the themes and the challenges but especially the photo shoots.

The costume challenge is special to me for several reasons.  It is memorable to me from a sewing aspect because it was the first time I had sewn a boys button up shirt.  (Which was a  little daunting for me to draft the pattern for something I'd never even made but after some trial and error I came up with a shirt that worked for a Carl Fredrickson.)

Plus I got to make suspenders...which Simon wore a million times after.
(The tutorial for those are here:  SUSPENDERS TUTORIAL...although in the tutorial Simon looks far more like Marty McFly than Carl.  :)  )  And after that I made a million more pairs of suspenders for Grace...lace ones, and ruffled ones, and well...you get the idea.

But the costume challenge really is a favorite because of the photo shoot itself.

Not too far from our homes is a replica of the "UP" house and we were lucky enough to be able to use it for our photo shoot.

It was magical.

Our kids couldn't believe it was real.

And now that time has past I can't believe it was real either...looking at the photos of these two kids...innocent, toothless, silly, adorable....who are now on the verge of becoming teenagers makes me tear up.  I am so glad that we were given this challenge and have these photos.

This photo shoot was accomplished just days before I had my third child, baby Ruth...which also makes it memorable.  Every time I see these photos I am reminded how lucky I am to be a mom and what a grand adventure motherhood really is.

So now that I've shared my favorite PRP challenge I'm going to tag Jessica from Craftiness is Not Optional who has just added one more beautiful baby to her family....and who has been on PRP not once but twice and has been AMAZING both times!

PS:  To see more images from our UP challenge you can go HERE.

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