Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Al and Scary from Shaffer Sisters Favorite Challenge

Today the Shaffer Sisters share their favorite challenge with you:

Hands down our favorite week of Project Run and Play was week 2 with the Upcycle Challenge. Both the 1st and 3rd week challenges gave us a run for our money, sewing, editing down our looks and more sewing. Where everything about week 2 seemed to work out with perfect serendipity.

We knew going into PR&P that following the competition there was going to be a change of pace coming for our blog. For so many people PR&P is their jumping off point into a successful blogging career but for us competing in PR&P was our culminating goal.

After 2 years of sewing blogging we were very tired and felt a pull to focus inward towards our own personal families. We feel like without this kismet gift from the universe it would have been difficult for us to move on past something we loved so much.

Both the project and the photo shoot were happy little accidents. The formal gown that was used in this challenge was procured before we ever received the challenges from liZ and Elizabeth. Through out our blogging career we were often receiving gifts of clothes for upcycling and other's fabric stashes. When this formal came into our lives we knew it was special and needed to be saved for a very special occasion, about 6 months later that cloth realized it's destiny.

As we were competing together we felt like it was best for us to meet in the middle at our parent's house. This is where we were to finish details of each look and photograph them. Our first thought was to take pictures of this outfit near the picturesque and elegant Sun Valley opera theater. This is about a 1 hour drive from our parent's home, which we felt like was totally doable.

Between having 8 little kids running around that day, trying to get projects finished and photographing all the looks we were WAY behind on schedule!

Our options were simple re-prep a 4 year old for pictures and shoot it the next day before heading home or drive a few miles north of my parents home to an abandoned homestead. We were so sure that the golden hour had passed us by because the homestead we were shooting at is in the middle of a narrow tall canyon. As we speed down the dirt road toward the homestead our goal was just to get a few good shots. We were given another fortuitous gift as the light that filled that valley lit up the wild grain shafts and gave us a complimentary composition for our look.

We were so lucky to have things not go exactly according to plan and because they didn't, they were better. They were a greater representation of who we are and what we tried to accomplish. Were not sure that we will ever make or photograph something that will be more us than this project but we were glad to get the chance to paint our masterpiece. 

We would love to say a big we Love you to all you sewing blogging people. There are so many of you we consider real and true friends whether or not we have ever met in real life. We still think about you, feel inspired by your awesome creations and we rooting for you behind the scenes.

With Love,
Al, Scary & Jo

We tag Kiki from Kiki and Company

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