Monday, July 11, 2016

Skirting the Issue 2016 is HERE!!!!

Skirting the Issue is an event that we hold every July where we spend the entire month making skirts for girls in foster care to receive just in time for back to school!
It’s one of our very favorite times of the entire year….for many reasons….
We started Skirting the Issue because we felt so blessed to be part of such a lovely online community of talented women, because we wanted to do something that would in some small way help others, and because we both have a special place in our hearts for foster children.  (Elizabeth was raised with a foster brother and now has foster children in her home and I spent several years teaching at a lock down school that was comprised of a majority of foster teens.)

 So Skirting the Issue was born…and the first year we hoped to have at least 100 skirts made and donated…we thought that between us and our families we could do that…but at the end of the month we had over 300 skirts piled in my living room….and last year after they continued to trickle in past the “deadline” we had almost 1,000  skirts to donate to deserving girls!

 And while the number of skirts that are made and donated each year astounds us, what we find to be even more wonderful is all of you. Skirting the Issue, for us really is like having Christmas in July.  We love the camaraderie we feel with each of you who are sewing along with us. and I marvel at your goodness.  And when we get to hold something that you’ve made and fold it carefully to be donated I feel like we have in someway finally “met” in person. And thank you...for real....for each and every one of you who sew with us to donate skirts (and something new!) for kids who really need it.  We love you dearly.

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