Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June Link-Up

There are so many great things we have planned for June, so it's time to get started.
 Let's start with your part; the link party!
We have a new theme for this month's link party....


Life is full of adventure when you are a kid (especially in the Summer)...and it always helps to be dressed for it! Link up your adventure outfits below.

The winner of this month's link party will win $100.00 Gift certificate to Cali Fabrics!

Just like last month, the link up is going to be a judged event, and our guest judge for the month is Courtney from Sweeter Than Cupcakes!  (Right now, Courtney and her kids are on an adventure of their own...)

We can't wait to see what kind of adventure clothing you sew and link up for your kids!   Maybe Winnie the Pooh said it the best...

As Soon As I Saw You, 
I Knew An Adventure Was Going To Happen!

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  1. I am SO excited! I'm making pirate themed play clothes for my three kids and three cousins and we're going up to Lake Erie for photos next month! This challenge is PERFECT for me! Cross your fingers the kids cooperate! LOL.

  2. Do our adventure outfits have to be sewn in the month of June? I made something back in March that would be PERFECT for this theme, but I don't want to post it if it is against the rules. I'm also trying to make something new, but I only have two days! Frantic panic trying to pick a pattern and fabric and get it done in time!!


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