Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Season 17 Themes!

It's time to reveal the themes for Season 17!  These themes were chosen by the creative panel of advisors, and they're SO inspiring!  Check them out:

Week 1: Willy Wonka

Every child dreams of exploring Willy Wonka’s world.  This week, open the door and take them there!  As the great man himself said, “There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.  Living there you’ll be  free if you truly wish to be.”

Week 2: Flights of Fancy

From sparrows to birds of paradise, and from mockingbirds to eagles, every bird is unique; but they all remind us to look to the skies.  This week, let the wind lift your wings, and create a magnificent look based on your favorite feathered inspiration. 

Week 3: Stroke of Genius

Do you admire the translucence of fine marble statues?  The strange brainscapes of Dada?  The fine brushwork of the old Spanish masters? Wherever you find beauty and emotion in art, you find inspiration.  Let that inspiration move you to make art of your own this week.

Week 4: Signature Style

Design a look that best represents your own unique style, taste and most suitably showcases your skill set.

Alright, get busy planning!  If you'd like to use the Project Run & Play weekly planning sheet to sew along just click on it below, and it's yours!

Here are three more FREE Project Run & Play printables to help you out:
Free Children's Sewing Project Record Sheet Printable

Leave a comment, which of these themes are you most excited to sew?

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