Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Exciting 2019 News!

There are so many exciting plans for Project Run & Play in 2019!!!  We're not going to throw them all at you at once, but today we'll talk about a really exciting and fun one.

In 2019, Project Run & Play is taking a trip around the world!  Each Season will be centered in a different location.  All the designers, sponsors, and celebrity judges will be from the same area!  (Don't worry, the sew along will be open to everyone...more exciting information about that later!)  

And the 1st Season in 2019 is coming right for announcements and introductions all  this month with the 4 weeks of Season 19 as follows:

Week 1: February 4-9
Week 2: February 11-16
Week 3: February 18-23
Week 4: February 25-March 2

And now let's play a fun game...leave a comment about where in the world you think Project Run & Play will be found this year!

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  1. This is great! You can plan seasons around weather this way!

  2. I predict Germany, France, Finland, Australia, as they are great sewing countries known to North Americans, but what I'd LOVE to see are less predictable countries like Mexico, China, India!

  3. I'm going to guess Europe first! But I would be sooooooo excited to see on based in Japan!! 😍😍😍

  4. I used to live in Romania, so I'm going to put a vote in for eastern Europe! 🇷🇴

  5. Loving some of these suggestions for the "surprise" countries that we in North America aren't as used to seeing in the sewing groups.

  6. just throwing Ireland out there since I live there and

  7. Perhaps somewhere like the Philippines or Indonesia!

  8. Of course I'm going to vote for my dear <3 countries, though I know they won't probably make it to your list, and they are Portugal and Spain.


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