Friday, March 29, 2019

Pearberry Lane & Project Farmer's Market

Today we have Cassy of Pear Berry Lane sharing her creations from the Project Farmer's Market capsule wardrobe collection.

I'm so excited for Project Run and Play to be putting out their first large scale collaboration between past competitors. I only wish I was far enough along in my sewing journey to have been able to contribute.  I love the idea of the capsule concept.  Last year I basically sewed my twins an entire summer capsule.
For my featured items I tried to stick with items that would go with the capsule I've been planning.  I had originally planned a pant jumpsuit with the Seed Pattern, but then I kept getting drawn to a jumpsuit dress while scrolling Zulily.  I don't know about you, but I like to scroll Zulily and then tell myself things like, "I can make that and it would be way higher quality."  So that's what I made, a dress inspired by a Zulily sale.  I paired a cute Caraway Cardigan, so be sure to hop over and check them out at Pear Berry Lane.

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