Thursday, April 30, 2020

Our Top 10 Favorite Face Mask Resources for Kids!

It sure is a different day we're living in!  We want to share many of the kid sized mask DIY resources all in one place.  

First of all, we wanted to share the printable we include with every mask.  Feel free to save it and use it too!

Alright, now for our favorite kids mask sewing resources.  We've seen a lot of information offered, and thought it would be useful to share some of the ones that we've been enjoying and sewing.

Sew Chibi Designs has a FREE face in 4 sizes.  Contoured shape, Star Wars options!

Rona Mask for children from We Sew Got This.  Innovative contoured shape, filter pocket, adjustable options.

See Kate Sew free kid mask template.  2 sizes, filter pocket, rectangle shape.

Jenn offers a free layered PDF of the Craft Passion mask in her Facebook Group.  Two kids sizes, contoured shape, filter pocket, nose wire options.

Dana of Made Everyday has 3 different sizes for kids and tons of helpful advice.  Rectangle shape, knit ties, filter pocket & nose wire instructions.

Simple Simon and Company have a helpful video using a serger.  Rectangle shape.  (Not specially sized for children, but you can find those dimensions in other tutorials, like the Made Everyday one above.)

Sweet Red Poppy has quite a few mask tutorials, check them all out.  The one we're linking to has 3 child sizes, a contoured shape, filter pocket, nose wire and knit ties.

Sew Can She offers an Olson mask pattern with kid sizes.  Olson shape, tons of useful information.

A thorough video tutorial from JoAnns with links to a bunch more videos and resources in the description.  Pleated rectangle shape, ties.

Or here's a no sew version from Creative Fashion Blog!  Pleated rectangle, elastic ear loops.

Jess of Me Sew Crazy offers helpful information on caring for masks.

That's it for our top 10 favorite face mask resources for kids.  Feel free to share...and happy mask sewing!

None of this information is intended as medical advice.  Exercise caution and stay safe!

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